It was my intention that I would start my closet project last week. The only glitch was remembering to take the pictures (only three were taken) as well as the fact I was going to Halifax on Wednesday with Denis for the Canadian Home Builder Conference (out of town business trips are exempt).  I have hung all these clothes back in my upstairs closet and I will start again tomorrow.

As I am learning how to blog these days as well,  I am using this as an opportunity to stick with full disclosure and learn how to post a few pictures at the same time.


Last week was dedicated to staying warm and featured sweater dresses. Fortunately I will get to wear them during the project next week as it is still bitterly cold out.  Sweater dresses are warm and allow for leggings.  Add my warm boots and I can survive the temperatures. As this is only practice blogging, I won’t tell you the designers of the dresses and what ever story goes with them.  It will have to wait until they take their trip from upstairs to downstairs!

05005720150305_134057 (2)

As our clocks sprang ahead last night, it is already my bedtime. Blog at you tomorrow night…but I haven’t got a thing to wear!

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