Nun imitation (2)I must think a little more off centre!

It seems obvious to me that fashion requires creativity. Clothes look somewhat normal on a hanger, but who wants to be normal? I need to wake up in the morning with a naughty glint in my eye! Who can I stop in their tracks today and have them say, “What the heck!” I really don’t have much experience saying that about anyone else either. It would be great though if I could follow a fashion Picasso.  Focus Mo, focus!

I am looking in my closets and seeing grey, white, black and the occasional attempt to break out with pink, orange, blue, then more of navy, dark purple (Blah) and gray, black and white, speckled black and white and thank God no beige!  If I needed motivation I would definitely conclude: two month’s Mo and you can ditch all this stuff. Wear it once and it’s gone!

Reality check:  I can’t ditch it all.  I love this stuff.  It has meaning, history and stories. The scary thing is, I believe this. I often look at clothes in my closet and I remember when I bought it, or where I wore it, or how comfortable it made me feel. I know if it is suitable for a cold day (Monday’s choice was great to keep me warm). I might conclude: I remember I felt serious and in control when I wore this. Or, this outfit  makes me perk up and feel alive. Then there is a dress or outfit that God forbid satisfies my attempt at vanity: I believe I look good in this! Each piece can fit a mood or objective. I think the reason I say, “I don’t have anything to wear”, is most likely because I don’t really know how I want to approach my day.

Take my Monday outfit:

I look like a Novice nun with a desire to show a pink soft side. Where did I get the idea that this was cheery? I bought the grey sweater the last year, the black dress was most likely purchased 15 years ago, look at the length! The pink sweater was a Christmas gift from sister Cathie!, She also bought me gray and white turtle necks.  At least, they were bought within the last two years, they are form fitting and all three attempt to brighten me up with out being right out there!

Black dresses- classic to a point.  When I bought this dress, below the knee was sheik. The gimp style would never go out of style.  Besides, a gimp provides for the middle age woman’s staple- a turtle neck to hide one’s neck. (Think: Something Gotta Give)  Other than to blend into the wall, it is perfect. Adding the pink turtle neck allows for emergencies, if you have a medical emergency, the pink turtle neck makes you at least visible from the wall.



Black dress is now classified as old and out of style.  Decision: Goodwill bag

Gray Sweater I like! I am not crazy about the back of the neck. Decision: Place on watch list

Pink turtle neck is a must have!  Hang it up and wear again.

Sigh: At least that ensemble is now over


Then there was Tuesday



Alright, this is more a modern day Nun. I look my age, which isn’t the objective.

It also reminds me that GoodLife owes me!  They got rid of Walter my trainer, this is the second such event, and now I am wasting (no I am bloating) away on red wine and Tostitos. I want Walter back! Mike was also the best…I want Mike back too! Richard was excellent, lets not forget Richard. If they were all back as trainers I would not have that stomach.  I can’t exercise just because it is good for me and I feel better when I exercise. On the one hand I am not going to the gym because they royally pi__ed me off. On the other hand (the left one),  I need to be accountable to a Walter or a Mike or a Richard! Come on Mo, two months for this “wear everything in the closet project“, quit the Tostitos (I need the wine) and you could reinvent your look!

I wonder if the blog could be my accountability (I would rather be accountable to Walter, Mike or Richard) But, exercise, proper diet and fashion seems to fit the theme.  I will try it.  (notice the lack of exclamation mark) Otherwise, I will go next door to Sandy’s (a photographer) and have her teach me how to photo shop the pictures in month two!

A little about the outfit.

Don’t you love the scarf! I do.  It brings the whole outfit together and takes your eye away from the outfit for the most part!  I bought it at Johnny Ruth’s last Fall when I was shopping with my sister Cathie. White turtle neck (part of the gift from my sister) and it is obvious that it isn’t black or grey,  brightens up the outfit.  Tangerine blazer is so comfortable. It is from Talbots, size 6p.  I may be a p but I am not a 6 this month.  Oh my I am in denial.  As for that gray skirt, it is a Laura, size 6.  As I said I am in serious denial.  The skirt I admit never fit.  That may be because it isn’t supposed to be that high up the waist.  It isn’t sitting there so the skirt can find the right spot on my waist, it is because the skirt is stuck on the hips and the waist is actually very lose. Frankly, I blame it on the white light in the store dressing room.  It makes me delusional and then I get dehydrated and the next thing I know I am buying a skirt that only fits me around the calfs!

I think I will take a laxative and go to bed!  There is always Wednesday!  I will pack my gym clothes and hope for a flat tire when I pass Goodlife.

Scarf: Decision is obvious – keep

Tangerine Blazer: Decision on the watch list pending a new trainer and elimination of Tostitos

White Turtle neck: Decision- keep

Gray Skirt: Decision Goodwill (seriously!)








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