Oh boy!  Wednesday to Friday I was on the road.  It really makes blog posting on wardrobe a challenge.

Confession: On the one hand, travel is a privilege and you want to look respectable at the very least.  On the other hand, travel is not particularly comfortable and I have damaged a lot of clothing while in the air. I usually travel on Air Canada and lately I have noticed how attention to cleanliness on these flights is diminished.  I don’t know if it is tight turn around at the gate that prohibit enough time to clean the cabins with care, or if the work assigned to cleaning staff has been cut back.  Here are two pictures from this month, one trip to Halifax and another a trip to Toronto. I carry sterile wipes with me so I can reduce exposure to food bacteria and of course germs.

AC8992Mar7 2015_2 This shows a dead fly (March 7, 2015) inside the two window panes.

AC TO_20150313_075605 March 13, 2015  Reaction: “Oh! Gross!” Followed by, “Where are my wet wipes?”

Consequently, I travel in clothes I am not overly wild about.  This explains Wednesday and Friday!

IMG_20150311_105524   Wednesday                          20150316_154605 Friday

Wednesday’s outfit I actually packed with the intention of giving it away, except the camisole.  The sweater is a Joseph Ribkoff .  The sweater itself is lovely, however the hot pink wool design was quickly frayed.  This design was the rage for a couple of years and is now out of style. The wool decorative design turned out not to be versatile and after very few wears would show deterioration. The pants are also out of style for women, although men wear the wide legs all the time. These pants are very versatile but they date back to 2006.  I bought them on a shopping spree in Newark between flights.

Friday’s outfit is a keeper, as far as I am concerned.  The black top is one of the Sympli line.  It is versatile, comfortable and stylish.  The pant is again Joseph Ribkoff.  I have been buying this brand since 1981, when I bought a lovely corduroy dress at the London, New York and Paris on Water Street in St. John’s.  The design of pant is not my preference, I like solid colour material for pants.  But, on a whim I bought these and so far I like them.  I need to buy ankle boots to show them off, but I have to wait until I get through the closet project first. I vowed not to buy anything else until I am finished. Originally I thought I would be finished by Easter and this could be a Lenten commitment. It looks like it will take until at least May.

Next confession.  I do not do “selfies” well. When at home, my husband begrudgingly assists with the photos.  These fashion pics above are his photography. Fortunately, when on the road in the past, my New Brunswick colleague, Shelly Dauphinee, taught me how to take a “selfie”.

Lesson #1: Yes, the camera clicks but the impact could be like this photo!


I think of this as my horsey picture, or perhaps it could be the weird woman with four small folks, all blond successful women, popping out of my head! It was a photo taken on a walk to Cameron Falls, outside Yellowknife.  As I mentioned, travel is a privilege and seeing the North West Territories is among the best of those privileges.

Lesson #2: Here are “the five hikers” stopped for another picture.  This time the camera was propped on the branch of a tree by Shelly and Shelly said “smile”. To my credit, it was my phone that took the picture automatically.


Lesson #3, motivated by the beauty of Bowring Park, here is another attempt at the same technique.  I couldn’t find a tree branch, so I extended my arm. The impact is, well, not too bad! I did say smile.


Now you would think that I was beginning to master this “selfie” technique, but alas, I have not. I needed to explain all this before I showed the Thursday picture.  I was hoping that I had a reasonable outfit for my day.  I was in Hamilton for a Board meeting with a federal organization I was appointed to some years ago. Looking at these photos makes me wonder about the power of Black.  I struggled in my hotel room to find the equivalent of a branch that would let me take my photo of the day. The bedroom did not have any appropriate surface for such a venture. Next attempt was the bathroom. I found a perch for the phone atop some towels next to the sink, but I couldn’t get the full outfit at that angle, so I got a stepping stool. Presto!  Disaster.  The angle widened the shot. Honestly!


When I took on the challenge to write a blog, I imagined that the photos would be hard on my ego, but I would work with the results. Self discovery is a good thing. I really liked that black Ann Taylor sweater and the way the fringe was shaped away from the hips.  Now, I am not as enthusiastic. The black skirt also has a similar hem as the sweater, prior to this picture I had fallen in love with that style.  But vanity, being what it is, had me searching for a better selfie spot and a better pose. I decided on a new location, the kitchenette.  Poor lighting seemed more to my advantage having witnessed the lighting in the bathroom shot. I tried for the camera being at eye level instead of the knee level in the bathroom shot.  The branch equivalent was compliments of the dresser. While harder to see, here is the result.


I like the sweater regardless of the photography, but the wool is just beginning to fray around the neck.  It is very warm for our winter weather, but I now know not to wear it with black. Of course, if the lighting is poor….



Black and hot pink sweater: out of style and worn out. Decision: Goodwill bag

Black pants: out of style. Decision: Goodwill bag


Ann Taylor black sweater: may still be in style, beginning to fray.  Decision: place on watch list

Skirt: no longer in style. Decision: goodwill bag.



Sympli black shirt: new, great shape, in style. Decision: Hang it up and wear again.

Joseph Ribkoff pant: new, good shape, in style.  Decision: wear as much as possible because the style is going to be quickly dated.

Week Two is complete. The goodwill bag did fairly well this week.  I wonder what I will do with the growing “watch list”.  Is it a sign of indecision? When we get to the end of the “closet project” , will the ruthless executive emerge or will the “scaredie cat” come out.  Stay tuned! PS Monday was a snow day. I don’t photograph pajamas!



2 thoughts on “Confessions on wardrobes for travel and winter wear

  1. some good wardrobe retirement choices to be sure. at the same time, i would like to say there’s my beautiful seester :). Boardrooms are terrible fashionistas – shame on the boardroom. Men have it easier although I have witnessed some disastrous suits on men and yet we don’t critique nearly to the same extent. To that I say shame on all of us and good on you for challenge us on this.


  2. I am really enjoying your humour:-). I have been going through a similar project but without the selfies. You are very brave!


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