I find it very difficult to be perky in the month of March.  By this time in the year, I feel light deprived. Even with the improved daylight hours during March, the cold winter weather in Newfoundland pretty much keeps me indoors, vitamin D deprived. This leaves me with a requirement to read more and escape this climate to the imaginary extent possible. I decided to read The Navigator of New York, by Wayne Johnston.  It was an excellent choice and kept me engrossed from the beginning to end. I generally stay away from the television, other than to watch the news, but I do like PBS and Masterpiece Theatre. I am addicted to Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridges and now Silk. Together, my choice of entertainment has done nothing to educate me on fashion for 2015.

My husband and I struggled through a second week of snow storms.  It was hard to admit that the second week of February was the real start of our snow this year.  I had hoped naively that we might escape the dreary months of March and April and experience Spring! But alas, we are destined for snow covered lawns and snow banks until at least mid April. Fortunately, Saturday was spectacularly sunny. My husband challenged me to a snow shoe race in the sun, but he hasn’t bought me snow shoes and neither have I. Instead, I waited patiently until he got home again. I then accompanied him to our hot tub to get my dose of vitamin D.  It was warm on the back deck but the snow accumulation still reminded us it was March.

Due to the weather, I played it safe this week and dedicated myself to my long skirts!  Also, I must point out that I have been studying Pinterest Fashion.  Long skirts are still “in”, to my relief.


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In Newfoundland and Labrador, March 16-20, 2015 was a four day work week.  We celebrated Saint Patrick with a statutory holiday! As it turned out, that presented a perfect opportunity for the Long skirt week. I only have four long skirts, so a five day week would have ruined the title for this Blog Post.

There is nothing nicer than a long skirt on those cold days of March.  It can be dressed up with a sweater or two and jazzed up with a scarf. I am lucky that I only needed to cover off one day with a selfie.  I would like to say the red sweater picture is the one in question, but it isn’t.  The long brown skirt picture is the selfie.

These skirts are well over a decade old. They each deserve their own write ups.

The first picture is an A-Line navy blue skirt with buttons on the left side.  It is a Jones New York piece.  I recall it was purchased while I worked for the Public Utilities Board in the 1990s. They were the days when slips were required.  I hated the feel and inconvenience of slips. Without a lining, the skirt was difficult to wear with nylons unless you wore a slip. The slip was often visible as the skirt has a wrap around style set in place by the buttons on the left. The cut allows for the skirt to sway as you walk and when you sit, it falls slightly to the side and reveals a little of the leg.  Of course when you wear a slip…it reveals a slip.  I took the skirt to the tailor and had a satin liner added. It actually made the skirt lovely! The skirt sways with a nice swoosh to the ear. While very conventional to look at in this picture, I always feel like it is a playful skirt, something school girls would enjoy. I cannot see a flaw in this skirt to this day. If I could only go back to the gym, the skirt would look even better. This skirt is a confidence booster.  I love wearing it.  It can be dressed up or worn as business casual.

The red sweater is also Jones New York and I would wear this as a business casual sweater.  I have always thought that red and navy were a sure bet as a colour combination and they both compliment my pale winter complexion. The sweater is much more recent, probably seven years old.  It is still vibrant and because I haven’t worn it often, it is in very good shape. Don’t ask me where that smirk came from in the picture. I look like some evil little girl who is about to get even with world.  If that was the case, the world got me back.

Due to parking issues associated with our St. Patrick’s day winter storm, I took a taxi from my office to a meeting on Elizabeth Avenue. The taxi driver told me he knew exactly where I was going. I was much relieved because I didn’t. He dropped me off a city block from the actual location.  On a normal day, that wouldn’t have been a big set back. But the sidewalks were not accessible and the traffic was considerable. I was carrying too much: four binders and document files in a bulky safework bag, and of course my purse. I was dropped off with two minutes to spare. I was worried about being late, as I had not met the people before. I was no longer wearing that smirk when I arrived. My feet were wet with slush and I was sweating from my sprint- marathon. As a safety leader I had avoided the traffic obstacles, but I ran through an ESSO gas station, crossed a side street and then tiptoed across slush while being sprayed with more slush from the passing traffic.  The good news is that my skirt was unharmed.  My footwear seemed to have survived, miraculously!

My brown, ankle length skirt is designed by Nie + Zoe. The shell is 71% Tencel and 29% Polyester. The lining is the softest 100% cotton, making it an all year round choice. I purchased this piece from Bellissima, which regrettably closed their doors this year.  The mustard yellow sweater was an easy match and was further pulled together with my favorite scarf from Johnny Ruth’s. I dearly love and depend on this skirt. Having scanned Pinterest this week, it would not have surprised me if I had seen one just like it there.  One difference with today’s style is that the liner would have been hemmed about mid thigh and as the outer shell is sheer, it would look like a short skirt overlayed with silk. Such a modification would set it out for chic women aged 18 to 40 who like wearing short skirts. Scarves could be matched and worn around the waist, to contribute further to the layered look that is so popular at the moment. For me, the skirt is perfect as it is.

My navy blue print skirt was purchased at the same time as the brown skirt.  It is also ankle length but is wider at the hem.  This is a very sheer fabric and is best worn in the spring to fall seasons. The white on navy print, tempts me to match it with white tops.  I found that challenging as the ideal top should compliment the sheer fabric in the skirt. If it wasn’t against the rules (you must not buy any new clothes over the duration of this “So I want to wear everything in my closet” project), I would be out now searching for a new fashionable top to compliment this skirt.  The blue sweater in the picture above is a Kersh, one of three I wear from time to time.  The white top is by Chaps. The two tops, purchased in the last three years, both get fair amount of wear and are approaching the end of their useful life.

Finally, we have my Friday outfit.  Grey and black!  I couldn’t get through the year without this grey skirt. It is designed by Tribal, a very cute cut and also is intended to be ankle length. The lining is similar to the brown skirt and is super soft. While appropriate in winter, it can be worn with a sleeveless top in the summer.  The top worn in the picture above is made by Lindor and the scarf is a fabulous grey with a shimmery edge. I absolutely love the full outfit.  My hair was awful, I woke up late that day, washed it and let it dry while I zoomed around the house like a thief trying to out speed the alarm. The smile on my face was because it was Friday!

This past week has convinced me that some clothes can be good for a quarter of a century and these skirts would be in that category.  Now I would probably not wear these to a special occasion, just because those occasions are for “just off the shelf” items. Otherwise, I wear them with confidence and comfort!


All items will be kept. They are in great shape and not overly worn.

The Blue Kersh sweater and white Chaps top will be kept at least until next winter.


This week coming up is for sweater dresses! Some are repeats from the practice blog. But don’t worry the stories will be new!

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