Holy Week is a solemn week for many religions around the world and it is the beginning of Passover.  It made sense to consider more serious selections during such a week, which in my opinion was best addressed with blazer combinations. This blog considers four different blazers matched with other awaiting possibilities from my closet. Here are the combinations I came up with for your entertainment!

Monday, April 6, 2015




There is nothing like a Monday morning to get a person motivated.  This week is all pre-planned from a fashion perspective, so that helps a lot. As far as this closet project is concerned, today’s selection makes it all worth it! I now know I need to mix it up more. I also need to select my clothes for the week when I am not stressed and rushed.

If I had a preference, this is the sort of outfit I would wear every day. Each piece was purchased separately and was not ever worn together before today.  I wonder why this never came to me as a good combination before?

The blazer is designed by Debbie Shuchat for Melanie Lyne.  It is a size 4. Unbelievable!  I love that blazer from the inside out. With careful removal of the tags, I would even consider wearing the lining outside! The pattern of the satin-like material is very attractive, of course it is 100% polyester. The outer material is a combination of 38% wool, 42% polyester and 20% acrylic. The combination gives the jacket versatility and capability of a long life. I have been tempted to retire the jacket before, as it is about 5 years old.  You are getting to know me by Blog 7, so you know I cannot let this piece go to goodwill.

I have worn this Blazer on official business days, days that required me to host, attend meetings or give presentations. I consider this Blazer to be a confidence booster.

As far as the skirt is concerned, it was purchased for a semi-formal business dinner. It is a Ravel. As it happens, so is the top. The skirt has such a cute cut and style, I had to buy it!  I can’t imagine not having it. It is 97% cotton with 3% spandex.  I wear this item rarely, as it is intended for a night out.  It makes me want to dance, twirl around and laugh! Every woman needs that sort of skirt in their closet. It reminds me of being young!

Tuesday April 7, 2015



Now this combination is very business like.  It is suitable for a regular day at the office or to attend an outside meeting.  While professional, I wouldn’t wear this particular combination to a presentation as it screams “plain and ordinary”. I was happy with it, but not over the moon like I was on Monday. I believe a shorter skirt or dress would be better with this jacket. The jacket has a little longer than a three quarter length sleeve, also making me think it is a regular size rather than a petite. This analysis brings me to the conclusion the jacket is just the wrong size and cut for me. I also need to admit that I don’t have to buy things just because I tried them on, I like them on the hangar, or because I like black and white in everything. I must remember it still needs to be flattering.

The jacket was irresistible on the hanger the day I bought it. It was designed by Adrianna Papell. This jacket is more comfortable open, than zipped, as you can determine from the two pictures above.  The shell is 63% cotton and 37% good old polyester. The pattern in the fabric was what attracted me to the blazer. Besides this, it is beautifully sewn and the zipper is a great quality, very smooth to zip up and down. Regrettably though, once zipped, the blazer is boxy, in spite of the great trim design. The jacket is a size 6 and I feel it is too small for me (or more precisely, I am too big for the jacket these days).

As for how it makes me feel, it makes me a little less confident in how I look. I have not felt quite right about wearing it from the very first day.  I believe it is because it is boxy and stiff. If it had flared just a little at the waist, it may have worked. I don’t feel comfortable with an opened blazer. It feels sloppy. On Tuesday, April 7th, I really didn’t like it. Why, I wonder? Partly because I must go back to the gym. It instantly sets off a lot of chastising thoughts, such as: “I wish I could dial up my motivation…I must exercise, firm up and lose weight.”  Mostly however, I just think I made a mistake buying that particular jacket.

Now for the skirt. It is something that reminds me of attending an all girl school.  It is a standard modest skirt that was perked up with a few little extras. On the down side, you really have to focus on the skirt to see them. The combination with the blazer makes those extras invisible. The skirt is best worn with a plain light coloured sweater. The lines of the skirt are wavy, which is a cute feature. It has extra buttons, straps and a buckle for no other purpose than decoration, as well as a small section with a pleat at the hem. I am not sure why, but it always reminds me of tartan, which it plainly is not!  It is a dark grey fabric that has a sparkle throughout. It is one of the Vex collection, size 36. I love it.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I squeezed this blue blazer in on Wednesday, because I just had to get it done and over with, together with those totally unflattering grey trousers.  I am happy to get it out of the closet and it possibly isn’t coming back!

The blue jacket I remember putting on in the store dressing room and thinking, why does this look so frumpy. Until moments ago, I had no idea who designed it. I was shocked to discover it was Michael Kors. It is a size 6 and it fits comfortably. The fabric is 62% polyester, 4% spandex, and 34% rayon. I thought it was wool, which only goes to show that I have a long way to go writing blogs about garments. I almost did not figure this out, because Michael Kors uses the smallest print imaginable to provide fabric information and care instructions.  I am not kidding either.  I went back to the grey sweater dress and found the exact same thing.  I used both a magnifying glass and reading glasses to decipher this and strained my eyes to boot!

I find it is difficult to match things with this particular blazer.  One of its primary redeeming qualities is that it has a heavy fabric for the winter. The sleeves are long with four buttons above the cuff. It feels comfortable on. Without question, I am not cold when I wear it.  Navy blazers should be a great staple in a woman’s wardrobe, but I can’t find much to wear with it.  Wednesday’s combination had the absolute opposite result from Monday’s. I wasn’t able to figure out a delightful combination. Navy is too dark for most of my pants and skirts. What is required for this item is much more thought, together with a trip to the mall. In fact, embarrassed with the picture, I just tried the blazer on again with grey skinny pants. It looked 100% better, but I would only give that combination a C-. I will add though, I won’t take the jacket off until I finish the blog, because I noticed I am warming up just having it on for a few minutes!

Now take the pants, and I mean someone take the pants and don’t let me wear them ever again! The designer is Marc Aurel, the size is 40. The fabric is 75% virgin wool and 23% viscose plus 2% elasthan. Both the spell checker and I do not recognize the last fabric. The pants hang poorly on me, they feel miserably uncomfortable and I just don’t want to try to match them with any other thing ever again.  They aren’t even good “chubby” pants. They make you look chubbier. I have said enough, lets move on!


Thursday, April 9, 2015 (Holy Thursday, the last business day of this week)


Ah, it is almost Easter. Holy Thursday and Good Friday are the most solemn two days of the Catholic calendar. When I pre-selected this outfit, I considered red to be colourful, yet solemn.  I also felt it was necessary to prove I could wear pants and look okay, given Wednesday’s grey pants selection. I now present this very comfortable and solemnly happy combination.

This smashingly flattering red and black jacket is by Simon Chang. It is a size 6. It is around 20 years old.  It was one of my first relatively high end, office wear clothing purchases of my life. The style was short lived back then, but I couldn’t give this jacket away to charity.  Over the 20 years I wore it from time to time, knowing it was out of style, but pining for it anyway. This style is now finally back and truly lovely. The jacket itself is 100% wool. The lining is showing a slight reaction to a wire hanger on both sides of the back, just inside and below the collar.  Otherwise, it does not show the slightest bit of wear. There is a heavy black wool stitching that is parallel to the collar and along side the zipper stitching that is a simple way to dress it up. I will wear it for many years to come or until the style changes again!  I owe that jacket for all the times I felt great in it.  The colour suits my pale complexion and makes me look happy to be alive.

Below the jacket is a very comfortable and terrific sweater my husband gave me for Christmas.  It is a black and white striped sweater with a respectably yet lower cut neck.  It was designed by Alison Sheri, a Canadian designer, and made with 75% rayon and 25% nylon fabric.  Like the Michael Kors jacket, buttons are the decoration of choice, with four buttons on each sleeve cuff and one matching button on fake pocket flaps. I love that sweater.  Once it warms up outside, I will wear it on its own (without a jacket).

The black pants are by Tribal, size 8p.  They are the nicest fitting pants I own and surprisingly, I generally don’t find a lot of Tribal items that will suit me.  I suspect that relates to the fact I can’t often find petites. Normally I wear those pants on casual occasions, but they suit this Simon Chang jacket to a tee!

It is now time to summarize the week of wear!

Shuchat Blazer: hang it up and wear again.

Ravel Skirt: hang it up and wear again.

Papell blazer: place on the watch list.

School girl skirt: hang it up and wear again.

Michael Kors blazer: place it on the watch list . (It warms me up???)

Grey pants: goodwill.

Simon Chang blazer: Hang it up and wear again.

Tribal pants: Hang it up and wear again.

Before I close, here are some of my preparations for Easter Sunday. I hope you all have a happy and memory filled Easter!

20150405_111058 20150405_111447 20150405_143100.20150404_090122

Post Script: Easter Sunday ended sadly with the passing of my cousin.  In respect for his family during this sad time,  this post and the next post was postponed.



5 thoughts on “Blazers to go!

  1. This must be great fun! And I might just learn a bit about fashion through your blog. Talk a bit more about colors too. Seriously. Remember I used to have to get Dave to tell me what colors went together and what didn’t; what looked frumpy and what looked in style. I could never got it right. But you … WOW! You look fabulous even in the old stuff you’re pulling out from way back in the closet.

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