I’m finally back blogging! The last three weeks have been very busy ones. As some of you may know, in amongst everything else I ordinarily do, I like to maintain my old skills associated with personal tax. As a result, instead of having fun writing this blog, I have been having fun, so to speak, helping my relatives with their tax returns. You might say it’s like a numeric jigsaw puzzle that I get to put together for my family, taking care not to put any puzzle pieces in the wrong place. Gee, I hope I don’t jinx myself.

Meanwhile, I have been very dedicated to this closet project of mine. By the time I update the past three weeks on my blog, I will certainly have gone past the halfway mark in my closet. These three weeks will transition me from my traditional winter wear into my summer clothes. Living in Newfoundland and Labrador, a person does not need spring clothing. After all, this is one place that rarely experiences spring. How about those leggings…it is still freezing!

April 13 Pink dress/ top my favorite


There is a wonderful store in downtown St. John’s called Luv it! I guess you could classify the store as being a gift store. But you can find some really different clothing there. This fuchsia top is a real favorite of mine. Once again it demonstrates it’s time for a diet and exercise. Even so, I enjoy wearing that outfit. While leggings at work are permitted, I try to avoid them on days when I meet with people outside my own organization. When you combine the two concepts (you are allowed to wear them and you have no outside meetings), leggings can be worn when you’re about to have a great day at the office. I think wearing fuchsia, a vivid color with a pink hue, just brings me to a happy place. This top comes to you from Papillon. This is the same line also worn on Thursday.

This top is very comfortable to wear and easily accommodates a lot of movement. The fabric is stretchy and does not generally wrinkle easily. It does have one downside, and that’s the metallic gold bar appliqué. These metal pieces cannot be expected to adhere to the fabric over a long time frame. Consequently, this garment cannot be kept for more than two or three years. In fact that would be an exceptional time frame to be able to wear such a design. I am proud to say I have worn this top many times over the last three winters. I am very careful with my favorite clothing and this is definitely one of those pieces. Careful examination of this garment indicates that around the inside of the arms and on the sides, I have lost some of the metal decorations. Fortunately, this is not particularly obvious and I intend to continue to wear this item for as long as I can, but certainly not once the lost metal decorations become noticeable.

The leggings bring back memories of my trip to Rome. My husband and I went shopping the day before we were leaving to come home. I was looking for gifts for my daughter-in-law, but while I was in one of the shops a nice sales lady asked me in broken English if I would like to buy leggings. I thought that was very flattering and I nodded. She took me to a section of the shop and selected this pair of leggings, asking me if I liked them. I paused and I looked at them. She then tried to explain by standing as tall as possible and tightening her abdomen, that these would be very good leggings for me! Every time I wear them, I smile.

The fabric, no surprise, is 66% viscose, 30 % polyester and 4% elastane. Washing instructions: cold gentle machine cycle, wash separately.  I live in fear of washing this piece. I also must make sure it dries flat. You must not iron it.

April 14 black trumpet sleeve shirt/ dress


Now this is a prime example of how my sense of style can be flawed. The way the clothes may feel does not necessarily equate to the way the clothes look! This outfit felt sooo comfortable, the way comfort food feels great when dieting!  Regrettably, I don’t have my time back and must disclose how they looked.

While my story of the Roman sales lady is meant to make you smile, the reality is that it is self-deprecating humour.  The next day, the “self” felt less like “deprecating” one’s self.  I had committed to wear legging, so one had to come up with a solution. Last year, Samuel and Company brought in a line of pants that was neither a regular trouser nor a legging, but something in between. I had imagined that you could even wear loafers with such a pant.  Ha! Wrong! I really need to put myself in front of the mirror a while before rushing out the door.

The top, on its own, is cute, or it at least feels cute.  The trumpet sleeves sway in the breeze.  The pattern is somewhat dreary, almost web-like. Yet I love its uniqueness. Comments on the shirt are most welcome. I wear a black camisole beneath the top. The top itself is transparent and light.  I believe it is better worn during the summer as I am too cold wearing it in the winter. During the winter, I wind the trumpet sleeves around my wrists trying to retain heat.

The top is by Sunny Leigh, vindicating my view that this is meant for the summer? The fabric is 100% polyester.  As it is loose fitting, spandex would be unnecessary. It is also worth mentioning that I love its crinkled look.

Now the leggings need to be tested with some other top, just as the top needs to be tested with some other pant. I am at a loss as to what those matches might be and given the picture above, I have little enthusiasm to risk it.  I am not sure what shoe or boot style might work.  What is clear though is that this match was awful and it shall not be repeated.

April 15 Grey caped dress from Twig with faux fur ribbon


Day three of the legging debacle

I was determined to redeem myself from the fashion faux pas yesterday.  One sure bet, I believe, was to wear another ensemble from Twig of Calgary!  If it wasn’t for this project, it is highly doubtful I would have worn this selection to work.  Having done so, I most likely will wear this piece again.

This knitted dress caught my eye while shopping for Christmas gifts in Calgary.  It was such a nice find.  I rarely wear it because it is casual but dressy.  That classification is a special clothing category that rarely emerges from my closet! It is also sleeveless yet has a thick turtleneck.  Finally, it is wool and I find it slightly irritating against my skin. However, I recall the day I bought it.  I looked at myself in the shop’s mirror and proclaimed, “I JUST HAVE TO BUY IT!”  Judging from the duration of this blog, I think I have admitted this a fair bit.  I buy things immediately once I decide I like the item,  but for really spontaneous purchases, I rarely take them out of the closet once I get them home. Ridiculous!

I really enjoy wearing youthful outfits to work! Obviously, this necessitated a change in footwear from my comfy Tuesday loafers. Not long ago I thought I had outlived wearing very high heeled shoes or boots. But Wednesday’s ensemble can only be worn with very high heeled footwear. Roughly five years ago, I was seeing a physiotherapist for a frozen shoulder injury. I wore the boots in the picture above to her clinic. She had her doubts about my commitment to a strict ergonomically correct lifestyle. She had previously warned me that I had something she referred to as sway back. This was caused by inappropriate footwear combined with my sedentary work life. My strict Roman Catholic upbringing required me to change my wicked ways and adopt flat shoes. I doubt I will surprise you by admitting I kept all my high heel shoes anyway. Fortunately, today I just happen to have the boots my physiotherapist referred to as hooker boots! After all, this short little casual but dressy mini dress with cape requires hooker boots! I am so glad I’m indecisive.

The garment was designed and made by Oreya. It says it is a medium, which I doubt. I regret that I removed the material and garment care tags. The fabric has worn well.  There is no sign of fatigue or “woollies”. The cape is a cable knit design but turned vertically.  The faux fur trim is woven in and out of the fringe of the cape.  I suspect any model chosen by the designer would be slender, allowing the dress to hang more loosely over their frame.  However, I am comfortable wearing this anyway. Without the model alongside me, no one will guess!

April 16 grey dress-top from New Brunswick with grey sweater– demonstrated with a selfie photo shoot


Did you know, that you can have a photo shoot with Selfies? The above collage, was a silly moment before leaving for work. I must have been revisiting my youth, again. I would twirl around and say “smile” and that reliable Samsung phone would take another shot. This collage is meant to motivate all you readers to do something silly like this on a dulled and foggy Thursday morning yourselves!

This year I have been trying so hard to be good. I know, too often, I spend too much money on clothing. So I am obviously cutting back, being frugal. I also decided to follow my husband around at two back to back conferences and trade shows. Yet another attempt at being good. The first conference and tradeshow took place in Moncton, New Brunswick! While I have shopped recently for baby clothing in Moncton New Brunswick, I had no idea where to go to buy women’s clothing in that city!

As this January trip was likely to be our spring vacation, I was easily distracted into shopping. Bad Mo! I was strolling downtown enjoying a balmy -30° C, when I gleefully noticed a warm shop I could slip into. The salesman was charming and I have the impression he was also the shop owner.  I soon discovered he was a new Canadian and I became more motivated to indeed buy something in that store. As previously mentioned, my purchase comes from the Papillon line. Unlike the pink top, the fabric is easier to care for as the decorations won’t fall off. The fabric care tag suggests:  hand wash separately, cold water, hang dry, warm iron. Best result is to dry clean (not permitted for the pink top). The top has different fabric designs for the front and back of the garment. The front has a miniature sized grey and black checkered fabric, while the sleeves and the back have a contrasting smooth grey and black weave. The fabric is soft and very comfortable to wear.

The grey top was purchased from that store, as was a separate sweater wrap! Together, both items cost less than $100. The salesman also provided a discount on my purchase. My biggest regret was not to buy more, but instead a very good, frugal Mo left the shop and continued the 10 minute walk back to the hotel. Jeez that was one very cold day!

This top is 70% polyester, 25% cotton and 5% spandex. There are also two side angled zippers that provide style and decoration.

The second conference was in Las Vegas, where I did not purchase a single item of clothing over a six day period. Being on my own during the day, I chose not to venture beyond the hotel to the malls. I also quickly determined that if Chanel eye liner cost $32 US, I could not afford much from the Chanel clothing line.

So what you see here, is a low-end, inexpensive, versatile top that was suitable for this week, devoted to “all about the leggings”. It is critical to point out that this top cost $40. After the discount, it was the same price as the Channel eye liner. It’s not half bad! I kind of like it, with or without eye liner.

April 17 flowery top  with cowl neck


It’s Friday! It is my firm belief that a person should be able to pick comfortable, casual clothing to wear on a Friday. My trusted assistant thinks I’m crazy. But after a whole week of wearing leggings to work, I suspect she would consider this choice to be high END.

This top is by Terra Nostra, Femme. I discovered this line of clothing while in Montréal. I feel certain that it is designed for someone my height and frame. This clothing line makes me want to return to Montréal at least twice a year from this point on. As I gaze at this top, it makes me imagine it was designed by an emerging artist. The print may be based on flowers struggling to survive the end of the fall. The song that could play in the background would be MacArthur Park by Richard Harris. Many of the flowers appear to be melting away on the print, perhaps the sweet green icing flowing down. Why I think of that song every time I look at this top is hard to explain. Perhaps it’s due to the choice of smudged dark colors that brings that memory to the forefront.

The formfitting style together with the stripe frills and swooped neck seem to provide a comic energy that balances the sadness of the MacArthur Park. This suggests to me that the selection provides freedom to express any mood while wearing this unique top.

Part of me was saving this top for a special day, I like it that much. I presume that’s why Friday was the best day to wear it.

I regret to inform you, this is yet another garment that I have stripped off the clothing tags. I often get completely frustrated and annoyed by the clothing tags sewn inside garments. I find them noisy, uncomfortable and frustrating. If I was to guess the fabric, it would say rayon and spandex.

Summary of the week:

April 13 Pink dress/ top – Watch List

April 14 black funnel sleeve shirt/ dress- Watch list

April 15 Grey caped dress from Twig with faux fur ribbon – Hang up and wear again

April 16 grey dress-top from New Brunswick with grey sweater – Hang up and wear at home

April 17 flowery top – hang up and wear again

My theme for April 21 to 24th is: “Get rid of the black and grey!”

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