Holy Cow! I have a lot of black and a fair amount of grey clothing.

This last full week of April is dedicated to getting rid of the most bland black and grey items in my main closet.  (I will still have other grey or black garments in the blogs to come.) I could certainly use more colour, but I always succumb to black and grey as being flattering and not rocking any fashion boats.

Here is the week of April 21-24, 2015!

Monday was St. George’s Day, a day off in my world.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This dress is one of my “good old reliables.”  It was bought in Hollowell, Maine while I was visiting with my Aunt Catherine and helping Mom come back home to Newfoundland after her Fall visit. The city is better known as Maine’s Antique River Port, and it is a charming place to go to putter around, especially close to Halloween.  Mom and I would stroll along Water Street and make sure we visited the antique stores, jewellery shop and stationery shop. We also frequented the restaurants and cafes. We enjoyed Slates Café and we would read all about the art exhibits and the latest in poetry readings and theatre. I know that if I wanted to settle in New England, it may very well be in Hollowell.

There was a lovely ladies clothing store in Hollowell that I liked to visit, close by the antique dealer. I am not sure but it may have been Earth Bound. The proprietor and staff were so friendly and the selections were my style and liking. I have kept several dressy cardigan sweaters from that store as well.


This is a beautiful dress!  It is one piece but the design of the shirt and skirt are interesting. The shirt has a wrap around design that produces a snug effect that incorporates a long sash that is tied on the side. The skirt is wide and long and pulls together with a side zipper. I love the way you can twirl and swish the skirt like you might an umbrella.  It is 100% cotton and was designed by a Canadian.  I wish I could tell you who that was, but once again, I removed the clothing tag.


Yet another long dress, entirely in black!  I have combined it with a white and black blazer.


This dress was purchased in downtown St. John’s quite a long time ago.  At the time, ankle length dresses were very common.  Like the grey and black dress worn on Tuesday, it has a wide skirt, you can also flair the skirt with a quick twirl. You won’t find this specific style on any of the fashion pages I frequent.  These sites include: Talbots, Ann Taylor, Melanie Lyne, Joseph Ribcoff, or Frank Lyman, but you can still find versions of this Mikado design on Michael Kors site.  http://www.michaelkors.com/women/michael-kors-collection-clothing/_/N-28es?icid=women|MAIN3|collection.

My other favorite sites show several black and grey dresses that I would consider tomorrow! The cuts though are consistently form fitting. Only the evening dresses have flouncy skirts. (I desperately want my shopping privileges back!!!!!) For the time being, I keep the faith and wear A-Line whenever I feel like it.

MK Studio designed this dress.  It was made in Canada.  The fabric is 100% polyester and has a comfortable lining.  The dress buttons down the full length of the dress and unlike many shirts and skirts I own, the fabric does not open up around the buttons.  I love the designer for figuring this out.

The white and black jacket is designed by Joseph Ribcoff.  This is at least 10 years old, maybe longer. It is comfortable and easily matched with summer wear. I can’t tell you what the fabric is made from but it definitely includes latex.


Time to travel to central Newfoundland! I stayed true to the theme of ridding the closet of grey and black garments.  I still have a lot more left to sprinkle in the six or seven weeks that follow this blog. It is unbelievable how much black and grey I own!


Truthfully, I had to retake this picture as I can’t find a photo from that day. I am getting sloppy!

This black skirt dates back to a purchase from a clothing store called the Dresser (twenty years ago). The designer was Evan Picone.  It is the sort of skirt that will never die.  Ten years ago I started to wear it during vacations down south because it is as light as a feather and doesn’t wrinkle. At that point I thought I was unlikely to wear the skirt much longer.  It’s biggest down fall is the elastic waist, which can easily be hidden by a designer belt.

I have combined this with an L.R. Lauren three quarter length sleeve top with gold stripes and my black Vex sweater/ jacket that I just can’t put downstairs even though you have seen this several times. Uh huh, I admit to this one case of cheating. I can’t live without that jacket.  However, enough is enough and I will put it with the rest downstairs this time. Grumble, grumble, grumble!

Back to the skirt! It is classic.  It has a black silk hem.  There is a zigzag gold line design throughout.  I have removed the clothing tags over the years, but I highly suspect that it is 100% polyester. You can browse through the ladies clothing design of Evan Picone and see the playful cuts scattered throughout the images.  I know the length and A-line is not standard for today, but I don’t think it looks off the mark these days either.

Friday Casual


Sneaking around the corner, I cast away the A-line and adorn a form fitting top with leggings.  I can tell without checking, it is a Frank Lyman.  This top is certainly au-current!  I believe I bought this within the last 12 months.  It’s downside is the straps.  If you twist one way or the other, a strap inevitably falls to one side exposing a bra strap.  I don’t like that one bit. As a result I do not think I will get the wear out of this top.

While Frank Lyman is very identifiable, I don’t think this style and pattern has staying power.  I expect this will need to be placed in the goodwill bag, sooner rather than later.

No clothing labels to read on this garment but it would be a combination of rayon, latex and polyester.


Tuesday grey and black dress: Hang up and wear again

Wednesday MK Design Black Dress: watch list

Wednesday White and black jacket: watch list

Thursday Black and gold skirt: goodwill

Thursday white and gold stripped shirt: watch list

Friday Frank Lyman top: goodwill

As we skip along to May, it is time to re-introduce some colour!



One thought on “Time to get rid of the black and grey

  1. Loved the tale of your times with Mrs Horan.
    can’t wait for your next blog
    i do like the white and black sweater


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