20150614_112006It was only a four day week! I decided I would purge the clothes that I knew to be better suited for the fit and healthy sized Mo! It was a brave thing to do but it was uncomfortably tight.  I am happy to report that all zippers and seams remained in tact.  No Janet, there was not a wardrobe malfunction.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

20150614_112006Picture to come! Apologies.

I am afraid to admit, I failed to take the picture.  I know, that is not fair, but if I don’t post on Sunday night, you won’t like it either.

Many years ago, I estimate it as 10 years, I was at meetings in Halifax, the home of Mills Brothers! Fast forward to 2012, that store has been sold to three partners of Stewart McKelvey in Halifax, geniuses. It is now called Mills Halifax and relocated to Spring Garden Place. You can follow Mills Halifax on Facebook and perhaps when you visit Halifax, you can check it out.

I liked to visit Mills on Spring Garden Road, if I had time. Ten years ago, I had less than an hour, but a-shopping I did go!  I was really impressed on that particular visit. They had Hugo Boss for women and I had only thought of them as a man’s brand until that day. (Check out http://www.hugoboss.com/us/womens-clothing/)  I was spied by a professional sales person and my credit card started to shiver.

I tried on some of the Hugo Boss line, and wouldn’t you know it, I liked something. It was a white and light grey striped A-line skirt with a cute slim navy blue ribbon attached as a substitute for a belt.  They paired the skirt with a super expensive, not so attractive, grey Hugo T-shirt.  I wore them together religiously for years.  Duh!  I dumped the grey T-shirt in the goodwill bag at least two years ago.

I recall the sales lady telling me that no one else who tried on the skirt could fit in it properly.  Well it wasn’t long after I took it to Newfoundland that the same thing happened to me! Go figure!

Tuesday, I paired it with a grey TF brand medium sized 100% cashmere turtle neck with 3/4 length sleeves.  My mother bought it for me for Christmas probably 10 years ago.  It is a favorite of mine and was a great choice for a cool Spring day. I liked the fact that the sweater obscured my hips.The waist of the skirt was actually too loose, it was actually comfy! The reason for the loose waist was that the skirt stopped abruptly about my hips, leaving the waist line too high. On the downside, the grey sweater may have saved the waist debacle, but as a result I didn’t benefit from the cute navy blue ribbon, except that I knew it was there hidden under the sweater.

Success! I have taken the too small skirt to work and did not overly expose the mismatched size.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 (Hump Day already!)


I am discovering that I need to use a better camera. Live and learn!

Wednesday was agony in the making!  This clothing selection was definitely too small. The pants are by Lauren and size 8.  Merciful Lord, thank you for sparing me from blood clots, as the pants cut into my expanding “thunder thighs” upon taking my seat at work. I promised I would wear everything, but this is a bit much.  There was no give to these pants. I had the pockets removed and the pocket opening sewn shut.  I dislike pockets that open up upon sitting. The quid pro quo on that alteration is the lack of grace-space for sitting.

The pants remind me of pinstripe pants worn in the movie The Sting. I can see Robert Redford now.  There are neat little cuffs that typically fill up with snow when worn outside my boots in the winter. My pinstripe is gold.  So I matched it with a green-gold sweater and a beige decorative camisole. I love the sweater but I have a hitch on one sleeve and I always know it is there!

All day long I had an overpowering desire to stand.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

20150521_080149_1Missing from this pictures is a darling matching jacket

This suit is OLD! It is the longest standing outfit I own.  Fortunately it is now quite stylish. It is a size 6 (so it fits the theme of the week- wear clothes that are too small for ya’) The label indicates it is a Proportion Petite by Conrad C.  I can’t believe it, the designer is still in business.   I just looked the line up at http://www.conradc.com/ and I love it!  They have Shows across North America, including Montreal. I want some more of this line, mind you I need to get the right size!

Friday, May 22, 2015

20150522_08383620150522_084028If I was going to blog for a living, I would need a photographer with a command for lighting.  Eric Bartlett would be perfect.

I love this sweater, but it has a bad case of fuzz balls from all the fun times we shared.  I bought this in December 2011 at Twig in Calgary as a Christmas present for someone else.  She wasn’t wild about it, so I substituted another present.   This picture immediately above is not flattering and that sweater deserves a better showing. It is by ESHA Design and the size is “free size” which I take to mean one size fits most????

The theme of the week is that I would rid the closet of something too tight.  That would once again be the pants! They are navy blue linen.  This pair of linen pants takes forever to iron. I love them and they aren’t as tight as “the pinstripes”.  They are size 8p in Talbots petites.


Tuesday: Hugo Boss skirt- watch list

Cashmere sweater- Hang up and wear again.

Wednesday: Lauren pants- goodwill unless I drop 10 pounds in next four weeks

Green-gold sweater- goodwill

Thursday: Navy and grey tweed suit- hang up and wear again

Light blue shirt- hang up and wear again

Friday: ESHA sweater from Twig in Calgary- goodwill

Linen pants- hang up and wear again

Next week is yet again a travel week.  I hope it is warm in Toronto because it is summer dress fun!

PS I have 21 more dresses, pants and skirts to wear.  This is at least four more blogs and I am behind with one week. It will be the end of June before you get to vote.  Please stay with me.

3 thoughts on “This closet is getting spacious! And this blog is short and to the point!

  1. I see you are also having the pleasure of these closet fairies .. the sew up your clothing while you sleep!!
    Looking forward to travel week wardrobe

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with all your choices for Goodwill . I always say that after so many washes the clothes shrink . Lol self preservation is wonderful . Xo

    Liked by 1 person

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