Hi everybody!

I have been so busy and distracted that I lost my ability to create posts. The good news is that I have been studiously emptying my closet, taking pictures as I go. I missed one week in the middle but I have figured out what I wore and will re-take photos.

Breaking News: This is the last day week of the closet project! Everything will worn by Friday!

I even have a post started with all the keepers. Next up is creating a running post on the watch list. The goodwill deserves a post, with final pictures of me dropping off the bag (s). There aren’t all that many. I am such a chicken aka a hoarder. You can trust me though. If I said a garment was off to goodwill, then it was no longer suitable for this old girl!

Here is a quick breaking story….
A nasty person hacked my credit card via a toy store that I visited on line. He/she/it, yes let’s call the vermin an “it”. This will extend my shopping hiatus another 9-10 days. I hope the computer “it” bought and the other garbage breaks in record time. Creep. VISA was very helpful!

I can’t believe I made it this far. I can also tell you that it has been tough. I didn’t even save any money. Regardless there will be a prize coming my way for sticking this out. Perhaps I will extend the shopping fast until the credit card arrives. This will give me time to deliver on the goodwill bag before I shop.

I am happy to say that I am back at the gym! I have a great new trainer named Chris. He is bringing my muscles memory back. I will need to figure out better snacks and stick to the program so I can shed some unwanted weight. I feel very positive that I can get things in perspective and have some fun with this routine too! Pray, pray pray!!!!!

Stay tuned this week. I will post as if this was back in late April. I have all the notes and pictures. My plan is to get the posts flowing again this week.

Hope to hear from you on what you have been doing and whether you agree with the summaries on the clothes.

Take care!


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