It is not a surprise at this point to disclose that this was the beginning of my writing hiatus. After all, it is July and I am writing about April. I can’t even remember exactly why I got off track, but I believe it was a combination of errors. First of the problems was that I was travelling again and I really would have preferred to stay at the office. The week included function after function, beginning with one immediately before I flew out of town. On Thursday I forgot to take a photo. It is actually impossible to retake the Thursday photo shot thereafter because I didn’t even write down what I wore on that day. The majority of the week was in Burnaby and I managed to take the photos for Wednesday and Friday.  But Friday was an awful mix up because I left my Samsung phone, aka camera, behind in the hotel room when I checked out! By the time I retrieved my phone, I had lost my creative edge. Later that Friday night I went to dinner by myself at the airport hotel, happy and content I was one sleep away from being home again!


Monday 20150427_084009

Judging from the black leather boots, it was a cool Monday. This dress was a daring purchase I made years ago.  It was an attempt to bring colours I never wear into my wardrobe.  I never wore orange. Cream and camel colours do not work well with my pale complexion.  This dress is a dress for all seasons.  I bought it in the Fall and imagined that I would only wear it from September to November.  But I latched on to this dress as an all but summer favorite.  It is warm and comfortable, bright and cheery.  It is great to wear to meetings, a regular dinner event or just because I feel like brightening myself up. My strong preference for this dress has come at a cost. After long and faithful service, the dress is showing its wear. I dreaded to wear this during the “closet project” because I knew it would be for the last time.  This dress would be going on to goodwill. I will cry when I place it in the bag!

This lined dress was designed by Nine West. I can confidently say that this is the only garment (not including shoes or purses) that I have by this designer.  Earlier in the blog I thought I only had one dress by Michael Kors.  As the project continued however, I had more items. But this time I am accurate about not having any other Nine West dresses. I am not even sure where I purchased it.  It may be that I purchased it in the USA. The idea of Nine West as a dress designer made me curious, so off to Google I went. In fact, Nine West can easily be searched for dresses: Party dresses, Prom gowns, Wedding dresses. Have a look for summer choices at the following page: and the prices are fantastic!  I didn’t try to buy anything, so it may turn out they don’t ship to Canada.  For a good browse for shoes and purses in Canada, check out this site: but for Nine West Clothing, it is a little more difficult. Hudson Bay carries some of the same items as, visit: or to comparison shop

The fabric is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This dress is dry clean only.



Day was done when I took this picture.  Travelling to British Columbia takes a full day, it can ruin a day at the office and increase the jet lag.  As an alternative, you can split the trip by flying to Toronto and overnighting at the airport. This gives you a full day at the office, the same hotel cost and you get up early the next morning and fly the rest of the way to Vancouver. This is an outfit for a day like that but I hesitate to wear it otherwise, particularly if I will be meeting anyone.  I wore a long sweater, a metallic grey and white, that stretches to the knee. Otherwise, I wouldn’t wear this outfit in public. The top looks rather drab with dress pants and a little to provocative with leggings.

The top is by Terra Nostra. I featured one of these tops previously. Tuesday’s top has short sleeves this time. The striped scooped neck and fringes have thinner stripes and the fabric of the body is not as sheer a fabric as the earlier Terra Nostra top with my legging post. This Quebec designer has the active woman in mind. The size of this top is small.  The fabric is 72% Rayon, 23% Polyester and 5% Spandex. This Top is showing wear and if I cannot shed 10 pounds in the next two months, I will need to give this to Goodwill. I am making progress with my new Trainer, so there is still hope!

Wednesday20150429_204717 20150429_204849

The travel day from Toronto to Vancouver was a longer haul than I originally thought.  By the time I checked into the hotel in Burnaby, it was time to get dressed and make my way to the Annual General Meeting. Following the Member meeting we all got together for dinner and the safety certification presentations and awards. The dress I chose for this event is one from my favorite Canadian designers and manufacturers, Joseph Ribkoff.  I bought the dress to wear to the graduation supper following the ICD.D program I completed in 2012. I was at least 10 pounds lighter, a disciplined exerciser and therefore I purchased a size 6. Let’s face it, the dress looks a tad snug in 2015.

I have worn this dress several times since 2012, usually when I was presenting at a conference or luncheon. It is incredibly comfortable and quite warm. After all, it can be quite a shock in the summer to buy a sleeveless dress, go to a conference or a wedding at a hotel and find yourself shivering with the cold air conditioning.  This dress and jacket combo is just the outfit for all those chilly summer occasions!

The dress has bodice support, which leads me to a funny story.  I had no issue putting on the dress when I tried it on at the shop. It fit like a glove.  On the day of my graduation, I was in class until 5 pm, walked twenty minutes back to my hotel, showered and rushed to get ready.  After I styled my hair, etc, etc, I put on the dress. I just couldn’t get it over my head properly.  I struggled with the dress as Tarzan might have with a python. When I finally had it where I believed it belonged, I put on the jacket, left the room to hail a taxi. From that point until I returned to the hotel I struggled with the dress. I felt like my breast bone was going to crack in two.  I went to the bathroom twice to see if I could figure it out.  No luck. And yes I checked that the hem was where it should be.

It turned out that the bodice was not sewn in place.  When I maneuvered into the dress I slipped one of my arms through the bodice and the other outside the bodice, effectively twisting it Much like a knot at the front of the dress. It took three days before the impact disappeared from my shoulder and breast bone. I get an “A” for endurance and for not having a dress capable of a wardrobe malfunction.  Janet Jackson would have been proud of me!



This day’s garment is somewhat of a mystery.  Given my sloppy photography week, I cannot tell you what I wore that day.  In fact, I tried to figure it out three weeks ago.  I did an inventory of all the clothes and double checked if everything was either posted in a blog or still awaiting it’s turn. I believe my Thursday outfit was a grey and white A-line dress and mistakenly left with the clothing yet to be worn.  Also, what was left in my closet had been scheduled for the remaining weeks of the “closet project.”  I had that grey and white dress earmarked for travel in the last two weeks of June.  So you will have to wait and see!


Suffice it to say, you can’t spend your Friday at National meetings from 8 am to 5 pm and also fly home from Vancouver to St. John’s. This meant I would spend all day Saturday on a plane.  As a compromise I thought this was a lovely day to get an early supper and sit and write this blog…the best made plans can go quickly to dust!  I had taken all my bags to the meeting and checked out of the Burnaby Delta at 8 a.m., feeling well organized.  I was just kidding myself.  Somewhere in that room I left my trusted selfie suitable smart phone. Of course, I didn’t look for the phone until 6 pm when I was checked in at the Airport Hotel, some 35 minutes away from the Delta! I set up my laptop and realized I could do a better write up if I had the picture of the outfits in front of me. NO PHONE!

I am sure most of you have lost something when travelling in the past.  I have so much experience in that department, I could fill a suit case, but this is the first time I forgot a phone. (I have forgotten books, a pillow, phone chargers, a tooth brush charger, etc.) Unlike my previous experiences, I felt physically sick.

The Delta Burnaby is a medium sized hotel.  The staff are tremendous. I called and spoke to the same young man who checked me in. He placed me on hold, returned to the call and asked me to describe the phone. I did. I told him I would get a cab back from the airport to retrieve it.  That exceptional young man offered to drop it off as it was on his way home! He was reluctant to take a tip- but I figured I saved 70 minutes or more in a cab…so I convinced him to accept the tip.

This story illustrates why we can have great faith in humanity.  The world is a lovely place most of the time. People are kind and helpful.  It also will teach me to triple check my room before checking out!  That night I had a nice meal at the Airport Hotel with a nine ounce glass of red wine.  I started my blog before I went to sleep and continued it on the plane the next day.  I subsequently lost that too!

Now a bit about the dress!

The dress I wore that Friday was also a Joseph Ribkoff. This time a size 8. It is a recent purchase.  The print design is of peacock feathers.  So It is goes well with my office motto…peacock today- feather duster tomorrow. One should never feel too good about oneself! The dress on the other hand, I feel good about. The dress is not black or grey, it has capped sleeves, frills and sways as you walk.  It is a fun summer dress! However, because I am always cold, I wore a pretty blue shrug. Just check out all the possible shrug cardigans you buy.  They can compliment any dress!

The dress is very light weight, stretchy and wrinkle resistant. I took the fabric and care tags off! You know there had to be missing tags in my blog posts.


Monday: Orange, camel and black jumper- goodwill

Tuesday: Legging outfit by Terra Nostra- watch list

Wednesday: White and black dress – hang up and wear again

Thursday:  Missing in action

Friday: Feather dress- Hang up and wear again

The first full week of May, I am home and relaxed and busy at my office. I am thinking casual!

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