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Iron Gazelle

Following closely on the heels of my post from a couple of days ago I thought I’d get another post completed!   I’m using the after-work hours travel time on my flight back from Moncton to Toronto to sketch this one down.  Per my last post, time is precious and having some down time on a plane is a great way to catch up on the 4 month hiatus from my anemic blog.

So training…   I guess there’s 4 months of history to review…  Pretty sure it’s not feasible to cover it all off here. Summary – been training as much as I can.   Travelling for work plus a nine day vacation in late June / early July to Newfoundland definitely created difficulties in getting appropriate training in.  For sure some weeks were better than others.  The trip to Newfoundland was more challenging than I had originally anticipated.   I knew I wouldn’t…

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