The time has arrived to introduce Mo to the world of blogging!

What better way to start than with an introduction!

Mo wasn’t born yesterday. She arrived toward the later years of the baby boom in a sleepy town in Eastern Canada. As a daughter of a Roman Catholic and a Baptist, she was understandably blazing a newer trail in a town traditionally defined across religious boundaries. Everything was new and to be conquered.

Mo was the fifth of six children.  For the first five years of her carefree existence, she ruled the roost. She thought she was the baby of the family, the principal ballerina, the apple of Dad’s eye. All that changed with the arrival of Trisha. There was no point of crying about it, Mo set out to adapt and win at the family game!

Win at the family game was what Mo did!  She was devotee of Gram-mamma, nuisance to Mamma, adorable to Daddy and a complete pain in the backside to the siblings.  As the middle sister, she made a point of learning fashion from her older sister Kate, principally by taking her best clothes. To demonstrate leadership, she lead Trisha around like her personal slave. Her explanation to Trisha was simple, do as Mo asks and Mo will let you play with her.  Otherwise, Trisha might need to be introduced to boot camp.  For the most part, life was idyllic for little Mo.

Time was good to Mo, and, eventually, she found her way to the altar to begin a happy married life.  That life might have been easier if she had been blessed with little girls. As a child she spent little to no time figuring out how to rule over her brothers. Mo and her Prince Charming were blessed with three boys, the not fashion conscious, won’t take “No” for an answer boys!  Kate and Trisha didn’t follow in Mo’s footsteps. While Mo was raising her successful boys, her two sisters devoted themselves to careers and watched their nephews grow with interest.  Mo’s love of fashion faded as she dedicated her time to work, family fun and providing transportation from school to sports venues to play dates. Meanwhile, Kate and Trisha blossomed and travelled the globe.

Life has a way of circling back though. Mo suddenly found herself facing an empty nest! She found it necessary to “re-invent” herself!  It meant back to the gym! It meant looking into fashion! It meant reading more for pleasure! It even meant going to Blogging U.

The world is Mo’s oyster. Stick around and find out about the pearls.

2 thoughts on “A glimpse of Mo

  1. Thanks Mo for sharing this, it was enjoyable and interesting to read. For it not only shows worthwhile sibling rivalry and interactions whatever the generation. But how life changes you and how you change life, as you grow up, make decisions and sacrifices based on choice or circumstances. As an only child for my mom, growing up without siblings, sometimes I wonder what it would be like and how I would have turned out if things were different.

    I just got married in April and I don’t have any children yet (and still on the fence about that), so kudos to having and raising 3 successful boys and building a happy marriage too, because that takes a lot of gusto and moxie :). The cool thing is, you are still here in one piece and getting ready for the next chapter in your life.

    Now that you are an empty nester and based on your past experience with family and life, you have all the training you need to rule the world in whichever way you want and have fun doing it. I hope in the future, I will have the opportunity to look back in time on such accomplishments and still have it together. So I am curious to learn more and will stick around for the pearls.

    All the Best 🙂 with this new chapter in your life.


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