I love reading this blog! It is full of ideas that save money.

Saving Without Scrimping

I’ve started saving for presents already as I really don’t understand how I manage to throw myself into debt every December. The month with its parties, gift exchanges and endless dinners comes on schedule each year.

This year IS going to be different! Partly because I already know what certain people are getting based on my gift closet. Last year we had a crafty Christmas with the majority of presents being made. Though this can be less expensive when not well thought out crafty Christmas isn’t cheap.

Last year I made:

  • arm knit blankets
  • body butters, sugar scrubs and bath salts
  • Cookies and breads in a jar

These were all greatly appreciated and I’ve had request for the body butters, scrubs and bath salts so those will definitely make it on the list.

This year I will make

  • body butters, sugar scrubs and bath salts
  • Cookies in a jar
  • Dip…

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Presents? It’s only October!

  1. Such a good idea to make gifts yourself. I think people enjoy receiving something that you actually spent time and effort making – more than receiving store-bought gifts. It just seems to have more meaning. And what a wonderful way to “unleash” your creativity! Have a wonderful “Crafty Christmas”! 🙂


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