I bet you are looking for a distraction, a reason to grin, or maybe laugh out loud? Let me do that for you!

I am a decade or less from retirement, so believe me I have collected material over my lifetime.  My life has been a penchant for change. It has taken me from one career choice to another as if the Millenniums were created in 1975. My friends and family scratched their heads with wonder. Come to think about it, at least half of them are balding by now. All that variety in life is what I have found intriguing. I have stayed away from palm readers because I would rather surprise myself with each new step.

I have been able to make it up as I go from the time I started school. My favorite auntie from the State of Maine was fond of telling every new friend of mine that she was always of the opinion Mo wouldn’t turn out for much, but look at her now! My spelling and handwriting were not my strong suit from Kindergarten to Grade 8, but out of the blue I was bitten by the writing bug and the world began to open up and find it’s way onto the page.

I admit to being exasperating. I attempted four faculties at university in five years.  Nonetheless, I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) to the surprise of my friends and family, especially my Aunt from Maine! For awhile I waited to see if anyone would reassess, but 35 years later I hold my Bachelor and Masters besides.

My career has taken me on wonderful journeys. I am not sure this suits Millenniums, but my career started with retail jobs as a student, including an old five and dime store. I learned a lot from low end retail clothiers and managed to get by later on in the brutal boardroom fashionesta runway wars. I have taken my stylyin’ ways to another eight jobs post university.

As you can surmise, I have had as much fun with as much change as I can handle. And it is all material for my blog posts.

Why not take a peak?  You only risk a smile and giggle.

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