Visit one of the four corners of the world, without leaving the Country!

Have you watched some of the really great tourism ads/  Here is one from Newfoundland and Labrador!

So with that motivation, off I went to Brimstone Head on Fogo Island. A truly mystical place, especially if you imagine you are one of the members of the Flat Earth Society.

The first thing was to find a place to stay, far enough away from the EDGE to ensure you didn’t fall off.  We picked one of the cottages belonging to The Old Salt Box Company. Here are some pics to strike your fancy…..


A Salt Box with a view of Fogo


A place to eat, relax and lay your head!

The purpose of the trip was to walk to the edge of the earth.  We were told it was up the hill to Brimstone Head.  Okay skipper, but I thought you said hill?

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This was truly an uphill battle! Those steps just went on and on and on! I am so glad when I go to the gym I make a point of using the stair climber, but I don’t think it prepared me adequately, a short siesta under the foggy sky seemed appropriate.

But there is nothing like reaching the summit. I still had a good ways to go across of the top to look over the edge, but the stairs were done.


The Summit took you passed an area where the glaciers had deposited a miniature depiction of Stonehenge. It was a little eerie approaching the Edge. By that point my camera had drained the battery. So, to see the edge you must take your own journey to this alluring location!

It was time to descend and head back to the Salt Box.

After a crisp walk up the “hill”, I was delighted to take advantage of the facility for a leisurely soak in the tub!


It was such a pleasure to relax in the tub after living on the Edge, aka one of the four corners of the world.