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Iron Gazelle

I’m not even sure where to begin on this latest (and I use the word “latest” with dual meaning – as in the most current as well as super-duper-long-over-due) blog post.   It’s really the second definition that has me not knowing where to begin.

It has been four months since my last post.  I will note one thing first though – in between my last post and this one, I did update my logo to what you see on the site now.   This logo is thanks to dear Dad who spent many iterations working with a fussy client (um, gee I wonder who that is) to nail down a logo that is original and also satisfactory to me.  Dad hand drew each item on the new logo.   I thank him so much for his patience and perseverance.   I’m still messing around with the formatting but close counts!

IronGazelle really FINAL

As you…

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Catching up on 4 Months of Training!

My cousin is amazing! Read her blog to be inspired.

Iron Gazelle

Following closely on the heels of my post from a couple of days ago I thought I’d get another post completed!   I’m using the after-work hours travel time on my flight back from Moncton to Toronto to sketch this one down.  Per my last post, time is precious and having some down time on a plane is a great way to catch up on the 4 month hiatus from my anemic blog.

So training…   I guess there’s 4 months of history to review…  Pretty sure it’s not feasible to cover it all off here. Summary – been training as much as I can.   Travelling for work plus a nine day vacation in late June / early July to Newfoundland definitely created difficulties in getting appropriate training in.  For sure some weeks were better than others.  The trip to Newfoundland was more challenging than I had originally anticipated.   I knew I wouldn’t…

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On the week of April 27 to May Day!


It is not a surprise at this point to disclose that this was the beginning of my writing hiatus. After all, it is July and I am writing about April. I can’t even remember exactly why I got off track, but I believe it was a combination of errors. First of the problems was that I was travelling again and I really would have preferred to stay at the office. The week included function after function, beginning with one immediately before I flew out of town. On Thursday I forgot to take a photo. It is actually impossible to retake the Thursday photo shot thereafter because I didn’t even write down what I wore on that day. The majority of the week was in Burnaby and I managed to take the photos for Wednesday and Friday.  But Friday was an awful mix up because I left my Samsung phone, aka camera, behind in the hotel room when I checked out! By the time I retrieved my phone, I had lost my creative edge. Later that Friday night I went to dinner by myself at the airport hotel, happy and content I was one sleep away from being home again!


Monday 20150427_084009

Judging from the black leather boots, it was a cool Monday. This dress was a daring purchase I made years ago.  It was an attempt to bring colours I never wear into my wardrobe.  I never wore orange. Cream and camel colours do not work well with my pale complexion.  This dress is a dress for all seasons.  I bought it in the Fall and imagined that I would only wear it from September to November.  But I latched on to this dress as an all but summer favorite.  It is warm and comfortable, bright and cheery.  It is great to wear to meetings, a regular dinner event or just because I feel like brightening myself up. My strong preference for this dress has come at a cost. After long and faithful service, the dress is showing its wear. I dreaded to wear this during the “closet project” because I knew it would be for the last time.  This dress would be going on to goodwill. I will cry when I place it in the bag!

This lined dress was designed by Nine West. I can confidently say that this is the only garment (not including shoes or purses) that I have by this designer.  Earlier in the blog I thought I only had one dress by Michael Kors.  As the project continued however, I had more items. But this time I am accurate about not having any other Nine West dresses. I am not even sure where I purchased it.  It may be that I purchased it in the USA. The idea of Nine West as a dress designer made me curious, so off to Google I went. In fact, Nine West can easily be searched for dresses: Party dresses, Prom gowns, Wedding dresses. Have a look for summer choices at the following page: and the prices are fantastic!  I didn’t try to buy anything, so it may turn out they don’t ship to Canada.  For a good browse for shoes and purses in Canada, check out this site: but for Nine West Clothing, it is a little more difficult. Hudson Bay carries some of the same items as, visit: or to comparison shop

The fabric is 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This dress is dry clean only.



Day was done when I took this picture.  Travelling to British Columbia takes a full day, it can ruin a day at the office and increase the jet lag.  As an alternative, you can split the trip by flying to Toronto and overnighting at the airport. This gives you a full day at the office, the same hotel cost and you get up early the next morning and fly the rest of the way to Vancouver. This is an outfit for a day like that but I hesitate to wear it otherwise, particularly if I will be meeting anyone.  I wore a long sweater, a metallic grey and white, that stretches to the knee. Otherwise, I wouldn’t wear this outfit in public. The top looks rather drab with dress pants and a little to provocative with leggings.

The top is by Terra Nostra. I featured one of these tops previously. Tuesday’s top has short sleeves this time. The striped scooped neck and fringes have thinner stripes and the fabric of the body is not as sheer a fabric as the earlier Terra Nostra top with my legging post. This Quebec designer has the active woman in mind. The size of this top is small.  The fabric is 72% Rayon, 23% Polyester and 5% Spandex. This Top is showing wear and if I cannot shed 10 pounds in the next two months, I will need to give this to Goodwill. I am making progress with my new Trainer, so there is still hope!

Wednesday20150429_204717 20150429_204849

The travel day from Toronto to Vancouver was a longer haul than I originally thought.  By the time I checked into the hotel in Burnaby, it was time to get dressed and make my way to the Annual General Meeting. Following the Member meeting we all got together for dinner and the safety certification presentations and awards. The dress I chose for this event is one from my favorite Canadian designers and manufacturers, Joseph Ribkoff.  I bought the dress to wear to the graduation supper following the ICD.D program I completed in 2012. I was at least 10 pounds lighter, a disciplined exerciser and therefore I purchased a size 6. Let’s face it, the dress looks a tad snug in 2015.

I have worn this dress several times since 2012, usually when I was presenting at a conference or luncheon. It is incredibly comfortable and quite warm. After all, it can be quite a shock in the summer to buy a sleeveless dress, go to a conference or a wedding at a hotel and find yourself shivering with the cold air conditioning.  This dress and jacket combo is just the outfit for all those chilly summer occasions!

The dress has bodice support, which leads me to a funny story.  I had no issue putting on the dress when I tried it on at the shop. It fit like a glove.  On the day of my graduation, I was in class until 5 pm, walked twenty minutes back to my hotel, showered and rushed to get ready.  After I styled my hair, etc, etc, I put on the dress. I just couldn’t get it over my head properly.  I struggled with the dress as Tarzan might have with a python. When I finally had it where I believed it belonged, I put on the jacket, left the room to hail a taxi. From that point until I returned to the hotel I struggled with the dress. I felt like my breast bone was going to crack in two.  I went to the bathroom twice to see if I could figure it out.  No luck. And yes I checked that the hem was where it should be.

It turned out that the bodice was not sewn in place.  When I maneuvered into the dress I slipped one of my arms through the bodice and the other outside the bodice, effectively twisting it Much like a knot at the front of the dress. It took three days before the impact disappeared from my shoulder and breast bone. I get an “A” for endurance and for not having a dress capable of a wardrobe malfunction.  Janet Jackson would have been proud of me!



This day’s garment is somewhat of a mystery.  Given my sloppy photography week, I cannot tell you what I wore that day.  In fact, I tried to figure it out three weeks ago.  I did an inventory of all the clothes and double checked if everything was either posted in a blog or still awaiting it’s turn. I believe my Thursday outfit was a grey and white A-line dress and mistakenly left with the clothing yet to be worn.  Also, what was left in my closet had been scheduled for the remaining weeks of the “closet project.”  I had that grey and white dress earmarked for travel in the last two weeks of June.  So you will have to wait and see!


Suffice it to say, you can’t spend your Friday at National meetings from 8 am to 5 pm and also fly home from Vancouver to St. John’s. This meant I would spend all day Saturday on a plane.  As a compromise I thought this was a lovely day to get an early supper and sit and write this blog…the best made plans can go quickly to dust!  I had taken all my bags to the meeting and checked out of the Burnaby Delta at 8 a.m., feeling well organized.  I was just kidding myself.  Somewhere in that room I left my trusted selfie suitable smart phone. Of course, I didn’t look for the phone until 6 pm when I was checked in at the Airport Hotel, some 35 minutes away from the Delta! I set up my laptop and realized I could do a better write up if I had the picture of the outfits in front of me. NO PHONE!

I am sure most of you have lost something when travelling in the past.  I have so much experience in that department, I could fill a suit case, but this is the first time I forgot a phone. (I have forgotten books, a pillow, phone chargers, a tooth brush charger, etc.) Unlike my previous experiences, I felt physically sick.

The Delta Burnaby is a medium sized hotel.  The staff are tremendous. I called and spoke to the same young man who checked me in. He placed me on hold, returned to the call and asked me to describe the phone. I did. I told him I would get a cab back from the airport to retrieve it.  That exceptional young man offered to drop it off as it was on his way home! He was reluctant to take a tip- but I figured I saved 70 minutes or more in a cab…so I convinced him to accept the tip.

This story illustrates why we can have great faith in humanity.  The world is a lovely place most of the time. People are kind and helpful.  It also will teach me to triple check my room before checking out!  That night I had a nice meal at the Airport Hotel with a nine ounce glass of red wine.  I started my blog before I went to sleep and continued it on the plane the next day.  I subsequently lost that too!

Now a bit about the dress!

The dress I wore that Friday was also a Joseph Ribkoff. This time a size 8. It is a recent purchase.  The print design is of peacock feathers.  So It is goes well with my office motto…peacock today- feather duster tomorrow. One should never feel too good about oneself! The dress on the other hand, I feel good about. The dress is not black or grey, it has capped sleeves, frills and sways as you walk.  It is a fun summer dress! However, because I am always cold, I wore a pretty blue shrug. Just check out all the possible shrug cardigans you buy.  They can compliment any dress!

The dress is very light weight, stretchy and wrinkle resistant. I took the fabric and care tags off! You know there had to be missing tags in my blog posts.


Monday: Orange, camel and black jumper- goodwill

Tuesday: Legging outfit by Terra Nostra- watch list

Wednesday: White and black dress – hang up and wear again

Thursday:  Missing in action

Friday: Feather dress- Hang up and wear again

The first full week of May, I am home and relaxed and busy at my office. I am thinking casual!

I have been gone for a while!

Hi everybody!

I have been so busy and distracted that I lost my ability to create posts. The good news is that I have been studiously emptying my closet, taking pictures as I go. I missed one week in the middle but I have figured out what I wore and will re-take photos.

Breaking News: This is the last day week of the closet project! Everything will worn by Friday!

I even have a post started with all the keepers. Next up is creating a running post on the watch list. The goodwill deserves a post, with final pictures of me dropping off the bag (s). There aren’t all that many. I am such a chicken aka a hoarder. You can trust me though. If I said a garment was off to goodwill, then it was no longer suitable for this old girl!

Here is a quick breaking story….
A nasty person hacked my credit card via a toy store that I visited on line. He/she/it, yes let’s call the vermin an “it”. This will extend my shopping hiatus another 9-10 days. I hope the computer “it” bought and the other garbage breaks in record time. Creep. VISA was very helpful!

I can’t believe I made it this far. I can also tell you that it has been tough. I didn’t even save any money. Regardless there will be a prize coming my way for sticking this out. Perhaps I will extend the shopping fast until the credit card arrives. This will give me time to deliver on the goodwill bag before I shop.

I am happy to say that I am back at the gym! I have a great new trainer named Chris. He is bringing my muscles memory back. I will need to figure out better snacks and stick to the program so I can shed some unwanted weight. I feel very positive that I can get things in perspective and have some fun with this routine too! Pray, pray pray!!!!!

Stay tuned this week. I will post as if this was back in late April. I have all the notes and pictures. My plan is to get the posts flowing again this week.

Hope to hear from you on what you have been doing and whether you agree with the summaries on the clothes.

Take care!


Taupe, white and black

Rebecca Foat




Earrings: gift from my lovely aunts; Silver cuff: belonged to my granny; Taupe drapey jacket: Reitmans; Tee: The Gap; Pencil Skirt: Old Navy; Sandals: Browns.

I read an article recently about interesting ways to pair basics, and they suggested wearing a teeshirt and pencil skirt with a pair of Keds (or similar sneakers). I wasn’t especially feeling like wearing sneakers today, but felt these Birkenstock-inspired leather sandals had a similar casual vibe. Typically when I wear a pencil skirt, I do pair it with something a bit more “office stereotypical” (for instance), but I love this more casual take. The drapey jacket worked with the neutral feeling I was going for and is casual enough that it also worked with the tee and sandals, while still complementing the officey pencil skirt. I would wear a variation on this often – maybe next time with a graphic tee, jeans…

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Mint, black and silver

Rebecca Foat




Sleeveless button-front: RW&Co; Earrings: Christmas gift; Necklace and bracelet: belonged to my granny; Moonstone ring: some random vendor in Brazil in 1996; Jeans: Old Navy; Sandals: Brown’s.

I love mint with black, one of my favourite pairings. I love how clean and cool it looks for the summer heat. Silver accessories pulled the whole thing together, I found the silver buckles on the shoes stuck out a bit too much without the other pieces.

Not pictured is the deep turquoise wrap I used to keep myself warm at work. Air conditioning! Can’t live without it, but damn do I get chilled sitting in an office chair all day. Starting to implement the habit of going for a 10-15 minute walk when it gets too cold outside – nice break from work, warm air thaws my frozen hands and soak up some incredible sun!

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This closet is getting spacious! And this blog is short and to the point!

20150614_112006It was only a four day week! I decided I would purge the clothes that I knew to be better suited for the fit and healthy sized Mo! It was a brave thing to do but it was uncomfortably tight.  I am happy to report that all zippers and seams remained in tact.  No Janet, there was not a wardrobe malfunction.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

20150614_112006Picture to come! Apologies.

I am afraid to admit, I failed to take the picture.  I know, that is not fair, but if I don’t post on Sunday night, you won’t like it either.

Many years ago, I estimate it as 10 years, I was at meetings in Halifax, the home of Mills Brothers! Fast forward to 2012, that store has been sold to three partners of Stewart McKelvey in Halifax, geniuses. It is now called Mills Halifax and relocated to Spring Garden Place. You can follow Mills Halifax on Facebook and perhaps when you visit Halifax, you can check it out.

I liked to visit Mills on Spring Garden Road, if I had time. Ten years ago, I had less than an hour, but a-shopping I did go!  I was really impressed on that particular visit. They had Hugo Boss for women and I had only thought of them as a man’s brand until that day. (Check out  I was spied by a professional sales person and my credit card started to shiver.

I tried on some of the Hugo Boss line, and wouldn’t you know it, I liked something. It was a white and light grey striped A-line skirt with a cute slim navy blue ribbon attached as a substitute for a belt.  They paired the skirt with a super expensive, not so attractive, grey Hugo T-shirt.  I wore them together religiously for years.  Duh!  I dumped the grey T-shirt in the goodwill bag at least two years ago.

I recall the sales lady telling me that no one else who tried on the skirt could fit in it properly.  Well it wasn’t long after I took it to Newfoundland that the same thing happened to me! Go figure!

Tuesday, I paired it with a grey TF brand medium sized 100% cashmere turtle neck with 3/4 length sleeves.  My mother bought it for me for Christmas probably 10 years ago.  It is a favorite of mine and was a great choice for a cool Spring day. I liked the fact that the sweater obscured my hips.The waist of the skirt was actually too loose, it was actually comfy! The reason for the loose waist was that the skirt stopped abruptly about my hips, leaving the waist line too high. On the downside, the grey sweater may have saved the waist debacle, but as a result I didn’t benefit from the cute navy blue ribbon, except that I knew it was there hidden under the sweater.

Success! I have taken the too small skirt to work and did not overly expose the mismatched size.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 (Hump Day already!)


I am discovering that I need to use a better camera. Live and learn!

Wednesday was agony in the making!  This clothing selection was definitely too small. The pants are by Lauren and size 8.  Merciful Lord, thank you for sparing me from blood clots, as the pants cut into my expanding “thunder thighs” upon taking my seat at work. I promised I would wear everything, but this is a bit much.  There was no give to these pants. I had the pockets removed and the pocket opening sewn shut.  I dislike pockets that open up upon sitting. The quid pro quo on that alteration is the lack of grace-space for sitting.

The pants remind me of pinstripe pants worn in the movie The Sting. I can see Robert Redford now.  There are neat little cuffs that typically fill up with snow when worn outside my boots in the winter. My pinstripe is gold.  So I matched it with a green-gold sweater and a beige decorative camisole. I love the sweater but I have a hitch on one sleeve and I always know it is there!

All day long I had an overpowering desire to stand.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

20150521_080149_1Missing from this pictures is a darling matching jacket

This suit is OLD! It is the longest standing outfit I own.  Fortunately it is now quite stylish. It is a size 6 (so it fits the theme of the week- wear clothes that are too small for ya’) The label indicates it is a Proportion Petite by Conrad C.  I can’t believe it, the designer is still in business.   I just looked the line up at and I love it!  They have Shows across North America, including Montreal. I want some more of this line, mind you I need to get the right size!

Friday, May 22, 2015

20150522_08383620150522_084028If I was going to blog for a living, I would need a photographer with a command for lighting.  Eric Bartlett would be perfect.

I love this sweater, but it has a bad case of fuzz balls from all the fun times we shared.  I bought this in December 2011 at Twig in Calgary as a Christmas present for someone else.  She wasn’t wild about it, so I substituted another present.   This picture immediately above is not flattering and that sweater deserves a better showing. It is by ESHA Design and the size is “free size” which I take to mean one size fits most????

The theme of the week is that I would rid the closet of something too tight.  That would once again be the pants! They are navy blue linen.  This pair of linen pants takes forever to iron. I love them and they aren’t as tight as “the pinstripes”.  They are size 8p in Talbots petites.


Tuesday: Hugo Boss skirt- watch list

Cashmere sweater- Hang up and wear again.

Wednesday: Lauren pants- goodwill unless I drop 10 pounds in next four weeks

Green-gold sweater- goodwill

Thursday: Navy and grey tweed suit- hang up and wear again

Light blue shirt- hang up and wear again

Friday: ESHA sweater from Twig in Calgary- goodwill

Linen pants- hang up and wear again

Next week is yet again a travel week.  I hope it is warm in Toronto because it is summer dress fun!

PS I have 21 more dresses, pants and skirts to wear.  This is at least four more blogs and I am behind with one week. It will be the end of June before you get to vote.  Please stay with me.

It’s a travel week!

The week of May 11 – 15

This week I will leave Newfoundland and Labrador to travel to the mid west in order to attend one day of workshops and two days of conference focused on enterprise risk management. This is a great opportunity to get my head around the best way to address risk and properly document it. No doubt this also ties in with my blog project, “I want to wear everything in my closet until it’s all worn”. There are many risks associated with such a project. Do I have the depth of character to stick with the project as the quality of dress clothes diminish, the choice is reduced, and the capability of matching and combining garments into a full ensemble becomes difficult? Do I have the fortitude of character to arrive on the mainland, tempted by more clothing shops for women than a girl from Newfoundland and Labrador could imagine?

I believe I have 3 ½ weeks left. It scares me, as I place the worn clothing in the downstairs closet, I may discover hidden among my casual clothing, more work clothes. As much as I enjoy this tough assignment, I had no idea I had three months ahead of me when I blabbed on Facebook I wanted to wear everything in my closet until it was all worn. Perhaps if I had taken in this conference material before hand, I would have more accurately established the positive and negative risks. These would include: damage to my reputation upon disclosing my hoarding habits, my lax exercise regime, and general lack of imagination and color in my wardrobe. The saving grace, I feel sure, is my more informed opinion on how to replace the garments in my Goodwill bag. The day of reckoning is approaching and I look forward to compiling the pictures of the full 12 to 13 week period. I will also compile separate blogs on the outfits I chose to keep, the outfits I chose to toss and the outfits I want you to advise me on whether to keep or donate!

Monday, May 11, 2015

IMG_20150512_090623Taken by my Blackberry

Today I was able to attend at my office for four hours, and travel for 5 ½ hours. This presented a particular challenge on how to dress for the day. I had a very important meeting first thing in the morning and a great deal to accomplish before I left for the airport. It was also important to consider what to wear when traveling all day and into the night. Air Canada and other airlines have so many passengers carrying their suitcases onto the plane that you can no longer place your coat and light bags in the compartments above your seat.  This rules out wearing a jacket. The duration of the travel day rules out wearing a dress or skirt. I have already worn my best Friday casual outfits, leaving very few choices for this risky Monday.

To my delight, I did see a favorite navy blue shirt remaining in my closet! While not ideal, the fabric in the shirt makes up to some extent for wearing casual clothes to work on a Monday. The loose hanging shirt was extremely advantageous following a weekend of dining out! My husband and I dined at the Keg restaurant with friends on Saturday night. This was followed by Sunday brunch at the Woodstock Colonial Inn in Conception Bay South,  a wonderful place to go for Mother’s Day.

The shirt is aptly named velvet and was designed by Graham and Spencer and made in USA. This size small shirt feels like velvet and consequently will be among my favorite shirts for very long time. The style of this dress shirt is very much in vogue with patterns that could easily be mistaken as Fleur de lis or floral patterns. The camel color on navy works very well and can be matched with navy pants, grey pants, or camel pants. The fabric is 100% rayon, allowing it to be both machine washed and tumble dried on low. It can even withstand a warm iron, although I am terrified of subjecting the shirt to high temperatures. While I concede the shirt to be in the casual category, I believe it to be suitable as business casual. A little more attention to jewelry or possibly adorning  a scarf or a belt might convert this top to a dressy category.

The pants are by Simon Chang, and are referred to on the label as denim. However, this fabric is 76% rayon and 20% nylon. The crease is sewn in place as is common this day and age. Over the past five years I have purchased similar pants by Simon Chang, all of which can be tricky to iron. The washing instructions suggest machine wash, cold water, with like colors, which is not a problem. However, the pants must be washed with the delicate cycle and must be hung to dry. While the label suggests iron medium temperature, it fails to mention to iron the pants inside out. Failure to do so will either melt or scorch the fabric. Having invested time and money in learning that valuable lesson, I iron these pants with care. Without question, these are casual pants. The long velvet top made it possible, when combined the pants, to attend my meeting without undue embarrassment.

A quick review of did not feature these pants anywhere.  The pants were predominately leggings and skinny pants.

All in all, this clothing combination worked for this mixed up Monday in May.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

IMG_20150512_091231Taken by my Blackberry

The enterprise risk management workshop and conference suggested attendees could wear business casual clothing. To this very day I have never felt confident on what the heck is meant by business casual for women. I have seen people wear Ralph Lauren suits and others wear stylish jeans dresses. However, today I will take a chance and wear my pink Talbots blazer with a second pair of Simon Chang pants, complemented by an off-white camisole. Today is devoted to enterprise risk management and information technology systems. By and large, I felt among the best dressed in the room.

This bright cheery outfit did not cheer me up as I watched my beloved Canadien team lose in the second round of the playoffs to Tampa. There are now tear stains over my Talbot jacket!

I have dressier clothes chosen for Wednesday and Thursday, making me concerned that I have eliminated these dressier clothes from my closet before it was necessary to do so. C’est la vie!

You may recall I exempted travel from the precise rules of this project. Therefore I bent the rules slightly by reusing my pink Talbot jacket. Otherwise, I would have been pressed to find “not yet worn” suitable business casual clothing for this windy and chilly city. The pants are more dressy then Monday’s selection with a solid band around the waistline. This compares more favorably to the denim style worn on Monday. Otherwise they are largely equivalent to the write up above regarding fabric and how to wash, dry and iron.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

IMG_20150513_184134IMG_20150513_184321IMG_20150513_184414Taken by Blackberry

Today I will rid myself of a most unsuitable outfit.  I was out witted by a sales clerk at Samuel and Company on this little collection. I was shopping late in the Spring season last year and once again wanted to add colour to my wardrobe.  Instead, I was encouraged to buy this skirt and top.  I thought it could be improved with the pink jacket. I was not convinced at the time but the clerk insisted I looked fabulous. Why am I so easily influenced?

The skirt and top were designed by Canadian Alison Sheri (  Her spring and summer 2015 designs can be viewed online and I saw a few things I might try on, but I am unsure if the frame she is designing for would include mine. I was about to write that I have never bought her line before but that turns out to be untrue. While studying her website, I checked out her jackets and coats.  I recognized the style immediately when browsing the 2015 items. So I have worn at least a jacket-coat she designed and loved it!

I am not drawn to the crinkled knit wear she has in her fashion line this year though. If you like your clothes to have more than one season, you will probably agree that a crinkled material will date itself quickly and not survive a closet review beyond the season it was created for. I am definitely in the camp that requires work clothing to be suitable for several years. I like to have enough in my closet so I can match the temperature, season and weather of the day. I like classic cuts and classic colours. I often go outside this buying pattern, but when I do I realize it is an indulgence. The other sweaters in the fall and winter line are lovely and if I wasn’t restricted by this project and my rule requiring no new purchases during the project period, I would be looking for them in my favorite stores.

The Alison Sheri top is not well featured in this picture but it is based on gem stones. I am easily attracted to black or navy with white polka dots. Even so, I don’t like the way these two pieces hang. I also notice that I purchased a medium size.  This may also contribute to my disappointment.

Normally the fabric would have some promise for me.  The fabric is 95% rayon and 5% spandex. It is stretchy and moves well. However the lose style, everywhere but the waist, makes the fabric heavy and limp.

The pink jacket is definitely an indulgence.  The designer this time is Countess. The fabric is 100% polyester and a little too smooth for my liking. The fabric feels like it could hitch easily. What makes this jacket an indulgence is the design of the sleeves and the triangular space designed below the button. Considering the unkempt style now, I recognize my mistake. I already feel it is dated and I am not slender enough at the moment to carry it off before it becomes completely out of style. The same crumpled up sleeves show up on Simon Chang’s webpage.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

20150518_212820Taken by Samsung post trip

(I need to re-take this picture before next week so the picture better suits the diary post below)

It is a cold but sunny day in the mid-West! I am looking forward to the case studies on today’s conference agenda. The audience is largely comprised of experts, so I can benefit from their impressions of the material presented.

I have selected a very comfortable dress designed by Nicole Miller.  This USA designer is sought after globally and was carried to a limited extent at Bellissima in Churchill Square. I purchased the dress from Bellissima. Now that Bellissima is closed in St. John’s, you can find some good buys when visiting Neiman Marcus on-line or by visiting . This year Miller is featuring asymmetric hem line designs and a selection of short, medi and maxi length spring and summer dresses. I wish the heck I could buy some of these.  Only three weeks to go, then I can shop!

The design and fabric of this dress work together to present a slim persona. After a night at the Weber Grill, this design accommodation is much appreciated. I combined this dress with the pink Talbot blazer (I know I am taking this travel repeat rule to its limit.) The two colours work very well together and that is a confidence booster.

The fabric of this dress is comprised of 55% linen, 42% viscose and 3% spandex.  Now, we all know how challenging linen can be to wear all day.  A lengthy period sitting in ergonomically inappropriate hotel chairs is generally a disaster for linen. The fabric blend in this instance is brilliant.  The dress is meant for a working woman and stands up to the less than ideal seating arrangement.

When I wear this dress I am reminded of two great days. One was at a brutal meeting when a close colleague perked up my shattered spirit with a compliment on how I looked. His timing was impeccable; I needed something to keep going. The second memory was more recent, I was presenting at a conference in Toronto.  I was nervous and the waiter told me the colour combination suited me and he wanted me to know I looked great.  Again, this was much appreciated.  Perhaps they were angels sent to get me through tough days, but their comments worked their magic.  As there was no stress or torment today, no compliments were given or required. When you see someone struggling with their day, consider paying him or her a compliment, they will undoubtedly remember that for a long time.

The one thing I find awkward about this dress is the collar. This is also the downside of linen. The collar doesn’t sit right in my opinion.  To make it work, I need a blazer that will hold it in place, or a thick scarf to drape around it.  I always feel that an opened collar looks odd on me.  I have a short stature and a slim upper body. Collars often rise above where they ordinarily should rest on the shoulders and neck. As it is, linen collars need all the help they can get on any frame.

Friday, May 15, 2015

20150518_213141Taken by Samsung

It’s a travel day and back to work for the afternoon. I have chosen to combine navy pants with Jones New York casual top and sweater.  This design is dated, but somewhat classic. I admit I have seen this sweater around but I always say to myself when I see it, “that is vintage!” So I am sporting this sweater today with a hope no one spies me with it on.  Shame on me!

I encourage you to visit There is a sale on!  I have checked out the sweaters and cardigans, there is nothing that compares as a style match with the hooded sweater modelled above.

Today’s outfit is comfortable, casual and fit for purpose. I have five hours of either sitting in an airport or on the plane, followed by three hours in the office at my desk. While the style is vintage, I am glad that I wore it as it is suitable for a travel day.


Monday:  Blue shirt and navy pants- hang up and wear again

Tuesday:  Pink Talbot blazer and navy pants- hang up and wear again

Wednesday: Pink Countess jacket- watch list

Alison Sheri top and skirt- goodwill

Thursday: Nicole Miller teal dress- hang up and wear again

Friday: Jones New York – goodwill (yikes, I hate to do that.)

Next week is a four day week and jam packed with meetings. I am getting closer to the truth when I say, “I have nothing left to wear!”

Time to get rid of the black and grey




Holy Cow! I have a lot of black and a fair amount of grey clothing.

This last full week of April is dedicated to getting rid of the most bland black and grey items in my main closet.  (I will still have other grey or black garments in the blogs to come.) I could certainly use more colour, but I always succumb to black and grey as being flattering and not rocking any fashion boats.

Here is the week of April 21-24, 2015!

Monday was St. George’s Day, a day off in my world.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This dress is one of my “good old reliables.”  It was bought in Hollowell, Maine while I was visiting with my Aunt Catherine and helping Mom come back home to Newfoundland after her Fall visit. The city is better known as Maine’s Antique River Port, and it is a charming place to go to putter around, especially close to Halloween.  Mom and I would stroll along Water Street and make sure we visited the antique stores, jewellery shop and stationery shop. We also frequented the restaurants and cafes. We enjoyed Slates Café and we would read all about the art exhibits and the latest in poetry readings and theatre. I know that if I wanted to settle in New England, it may very well be in Hollowell.

There was a lovely ladies clothing store in Hollowell that I liked to visit, close by the antique dealer. I am not sure but it may have been Earth Bound. The proprietor and staff were so friendly and the selections were my style and liking. I have kept several dressy cardigan sweaters from that store as well.


This is a beautiful dress!  It is one piece but the design of the shirt and skirt are interesting. The shirt has a wrap around design that produces a snug effect that incorporates a long sash that is tied on the side. The skirt is wide and long and pulls together with a side zipper. I love the way you can twirl and swish the skirt like you might an umbrella.  It is 100% cotton and was designed by a Canadian.  I wish I could tell you who that was, but once again, I removed the clothing tag.


Yet another long dress, entirely in black!  I have combined it with a white and black blazer.


This dress was purchased in downtown St. John’s quite a long time ago.  At the time, ankle length dresses were very common.  Like the grey and black dress worn on Tuesday, it has a wide skirt, you can also flair the skirt with a quick twirl. You won’t find this specific style on any of the fashion pages I frequent.  These sites include: Talbots, Ann Taylor, Melanie Lyne, Joseph Ribcoff, or Frank Lyman, but you can still find versions of this Mikado design on Michael Kors site.|MAIN3|collection.

My other favorite sites show several black and grey dresses that I would consider tomorrow! The cuts though are consistently form fitting. Only the evening dresses have flouncy skirts. (I desperately want my shopping privileges back!!!!!) For the time being, I keep the faith and wear A-Line whenever I feel like it.

MK Studio designed this dress.  It was made in Canada.  The fabric is 100% polyester and has a comfortable lining.  The dress buttons down the full length of the dress and unlike many shirts and skirts I own, the fabric does not open up around the buttons.  I love the designer for figuring this out.

The white and black jacket is designed by Joseph Ribcoff.  This is at least 10 years old, maybe longer. It is comfortable and easily matched with summer wear. I can’t tell you what the fabric is made from but it definitely includes latex.


Time to travel to central Newfoundland! I stayed true to the theme of ridding the closet of grey and black garments.  I still have a lot more left to sprinkle in the six or seven weeks that follow this blog. It is unbelievable how much black and grey I own!


Truthfully, I had to retake this picture as I can’t find a photo from that day. I am getting sloppy!

This black skirt dates back to a purchase from a clothing store called the Dresser (twenty years ago). The designer was Evan Picone.  It is the sort of skirt that will never die.  Ten years ago I started to wear it during vacations down south because it is as light as a feather and doesn’t wrinkle. At that point I thought I was unlikely to wear the skirt much longer.  It’s biggest down fall is the elastic waist, which can easily be hidden by a designer belt.

I have combined this with an L.R. Lauren three quarter length sleeve top with gold stripes and my black Vex sweater/ jacket that I just can’t put downstairs even though you have seen this several times. Uh huh, I admit to this one case of cheating. I can’t live without that jacket.  However, enough is enough and I will put it with the rest downstairs this time. Grumble, grumble, grumble!

Back to the skirt! It is classic.  It has a black silk hem.  There is a zigzag gold line design throughout.  I have removed the clothing tags over the years, but I highly suspect that it is 100% polyester. You can browse through the ladies clothing design of Evan Picone and see the playful cuts scattered throughout the images.  I know the length and A-line is not standard for today, but I don’t think it looks off the mark these days either.

Friday Casual


Sneaking around the corner, I cast away the A-line and adorn a form fitting top with leggings.  I can tell without checking, it is a Frank Lyman.  This top is certainly au-current!  I believe I bought this within the last 12 months.  It’s downside is the straps.  If you twist one way or the other, a strap inevitably falls to one side exposing a bra strap.  I don’t like that one bit. As a result I do not think I will get the wear out of this top.

While Frank Lyman is very identifiable, I don’t think this style and pattern has staying power.  I expect this will need to be placed in the goodwill bag, sooner rather than later.

No clothing labels to read on this garment but it would be a combination of rayon, latex and polyester.


Tuesday grey and black dress: Hang up and wear again

Wednesday MK Design Black Dress: watch list

Wednesday White and black jacket: watch list

Thursday Black and gold skirt: goodwill

Thursday white and gold stripped shirt: watch list

Friday Frank Lyman top: goodwill

As we skip along to May, it is time to re-introduce some colour!



How about these leggings outfits!

I’m finally back blogging! The last three weeks have been very busy ones. As some of you may know, in amongst everything else I ordinarily do, I like to maintain my old skills associated with personal tax. As a result, instead of having fun writing this blog, I have been having fun, so to speak, helping my relatives with their tax returns. You might say it’s like a numeric jigsaw puzzle that I get to put together for my family, taking care not to put any puzzle pieces in the wrong place. Gee, I hope I don’t jinx myself.

Meanwhile, I have been very dedicated to this closet project of mine. By the time I update the past three weeks on my blog, I will certainly have gone past the halfway mark in my closet. These three weeks will transition me from my traditional winter wear into my summer clothes. Living in Newfoundland and Labrador, a person does not need spring clothing. After all, this is one place that rarely experiences spring. How about those leggings…it is still freezing!

April 13 Pink dress/ top my favorite


There is a wonderful store in downtown St. John’s called Luv it! I guess you could classify the store as being a gift store. But you can find some really different clothing there. This fuchsia top is a real favorite of mine. Once again it demonstrates it’s time for a diet and exercise. Even so, I enjoy wearing that outfit. While leggings at work are permitted, I try to avoid them on days when I meet with people outside my own organization. When you combine the two concepts (you are allowed to wear them and you have no outside meetings), leggings can be worn when you’re about to have a great day at the office. I think wearing fuchsia, a vivid color with a pink hue, just brings me to a happy place. This top comes to you from Papillon. This is the same line also worn on Thursday.

This top is very comfortable to wear and easily accommodates a lot of movement. The fabric is stretchy and does not generally wrinkle easily. It does have one downside, and that’s the metallic gold bar appliqué. These metal pieces cannot be expected to adhere to the fabric over a long time frame. Consequently, this garment cannot be kept for more than two or three years. In fact that would be an exceptional time frame to be able to wear such a design. I am proud to say I have worn this top many times over the last three winters. I am very careful with my favorite clothing and this is definitely one of those pieces. Careful examination of this garment indicates that around the inside of the arms and on the sides, I have lost some of the metal decorations. Fortunately, this is not particularly obvious and I intend to continue to wear this item for as long as I can, but certainly not once the lost metal decorations become noticeable.

The leggings bring back memories of my trip to Rome. My husband and I went shopping the day before we were leaving to come home. I was looking for gifts for my daughter-in-law, but while I was in one of the shops a nice sales lady asked me in broken English if I would like to buy leggings. I thought that was very flattering and I nodded. She took me to a section of the shop and selected this pair of leggings, asking me if I liked them. I paused and I looked at them. She then tried to explain by standing as tall as possible and tightening her abdomen, that these would be very good leggings for me! Every time I wear them, I smile.

The fabric, no surprise, is 66% viscose, 30 % polyester and 4% elastane. Washing instructions: cold gentle machine cycle, wash separately.  I live in fear of washing this piece. I also must make sure it dries flat. You must not iron it.

April 14 black trumpet sleeve shirt/ dress


Now this is a prime example of how my sense of style can be flawed. The way the clothes may feel does not necessarily equate to the way the clothes look! This outfit felt sooo comfortable, the way comfort food feels great when dieting!  Regrettably, I don’t have my time back and must disclose how they looked.

While my story of the Roman sales lady is meant to make you smile, the reality is that it is self-deprecating humour.  The next day, the “self” felt less like “deprecating” one’s self.  I had committed to wear legging, so one had to come up with a solution. Last year, Samuel and Company brought in a line of pants that was neither a regular trouser nor a legging, but something in between. I had imagined that you could even wear loafers with such a pant.  Ha! Wrong! I really need to put myself in front of the mirror a while before rushing out the door.

The top, on its own, is cute, or it at least feels cute.  The trumpet sleeves sway in the breeze.  The pattern is somewhat dreary, almost web-like. Yet I love its uniqueness. Comments on the shirt are most welcome. I wear a black camisole beneath the top. The top itself is transparent and light.  I believe it is better worn during the summer as I am too cold wearing it in the winter. During the winter, I wind the trumpet sleeves around my wrists trying to retain heat.

The top is by Sunny Leigh, vindicating my view that this is meant for the summer? The fabric is 100% polyester.  As it is loose fitting, spandex would be unnecessary. It is also worth mentioning that I love its crinkled look.

Now the leggings need to be tested with some other top, just as the top needs to be tested with some other pant. I am at a loss as to what those matches might be and given the picture above, I have little enthusiasm to risk it.  I am not sure what shoe or boot style might work.  What is clear though is that this match was awful and it shall not be repeated.

April 15 Grey caped dress from Twig with faux fur ribbon


Day three of the legging debacle

I was determined to redeem myself from the fashion faux pas yesterday.  One sure bet, I believe, was to wear another ensemble from Twig of Calgary!  If it wasn’t for this project, it is highly doubtful I would have worn this selection to work.  Having done so, I most likely will wear this piece again.

This knitted dress caught my eye while shopping for Christmas gifts in Calgary.  It was such a nice find.  I rarely wear it because it is casual but dressy.  That classification is a special clothing category that rarely emerges from my closet! It is also sleeveless yet has a thick turtleneck.  Finally, it is wool and I find it slightly irritating against my skin. However, I recall the day I bought it.  I looked at myself in the shop’s mirror and proclaimed, “I JUST HAVE TO BUY IT!”  Judging from the duration of this blog, I think I have admitted this a fair bit.  I buy things immediately once I decide I like the item,  but for really spontaneous purchases, I rarely take them out of the closet once I get them home. Ridiculous!

I really enjoy wearing youthful outfits to work! Obviously, this necessitated a change in footwear from my comfy Tuesday loafers. Not long ago I thought I had outlived wearing very high heeled shoes or boots. But Wednesday’s ensemble can only be worn with very high heeled footwear. Roughly five years ago, I was seeing a physiotherapist for a frozen shoulder injury. I wore the boots in the picture above to her clinic. She had her doubts about my commitment to a strict ergonomically correct lifestyle. She had previously warned me that I had something she referred to as sway back. This was caused by inappropriate footwear combined with my sedentary work life. My strict Roman Catholic upbringing required me to change my wicked ways and adopt flat shoes. I doubt I will surprise you by admitting I kept all my high heel shoes anyway. Fortunately, today I just happen to have the boots my physiotherapist referred to as hooker boots! After all, this short little casual but dressy mini dress with cape requires hooker boots! I am so glad I’m indecisive.

The garment was designed and made by Oreya. It says it is a medium, which I doubt. I regret that I removed the material and garment care tags. The fabric has worn well.  There is no sign of fatigue or “woollies”. The cape is a cable knit design but turned vertically.  The faux fur trim is woven in and out of the fringe of the cape.  I suspect any model chosen by the designer would be slender, allowing the dress to hang more loosely over their frame.  However, I am comfortable wearing this anyway. Without the model alongside me, no one will guess!

April 16 grey dress-top from New Brunswick with grey sweater– demonstrated with a selfie photo shoot


Did you know, that you can have a photo shoot with Selfies? The above collage, was a silly moment before leaving for work. I must have been revisiting my youth, again. I would twirl around and say “smile” and that reliable Samsung phone would take another shot. This collage is meant to motivate all you readers to do something silly like this on a dulled and foggy Thursday morning yourselves!

This year I have been trying so hard to be good. I know, too often, I spend too much money on clothing. So I am obviously cutting back, being frugal. I also decided to follow my husband around at two back to back conferences and trade shows. Yet another attempt at being good. The first conference and tradeshow took place in Moncton, New Brunswick! While I have shopped recently for baby clothing in Moncton New Brunswick, I had no idea where to go to buy women’s clothing in that city!

As this January trip was likely to be our spring vacation, I was easily distracted into shopping. Bad Mo! I was strolling downtown enjoying a balmy -30° C, when I gleefully noticed a warm shop I could slip into. The salesman was charming and I have the impression he was also the shop owner.  I soon discovered he was a new Canadian and I became more motivated to indeed buy something in that store. As previously mentioned, my purchase comes from the Papillon line. Unlike the pink top, the fabric is easier to care for as the decorations won’t fall off. The fabric care tag suggests:  hand wash separately, cold water, hang dry, warm iron. Best result is to dry clean (not permitted for the pink top). The top has different fabric designs for the front and back of the garment. The front has a miniature sized grey and black checkered fabric, while the sleeves and the back have a contrasting smooth grey and black weave. The fabric is soft and very comfortable to wear.

The grey top was purchased from that store, as was a separate sweater wrap! Together, both items cost less than $100. The salesman also provided a discount on my purchase. My biggest regret was not to buy more, but instead a very good, frugal Mo left the shop and continued the 10 minute walk back to the hotel. Jeez that was one very cold day!

This top is 70% polyester, 25% cotton and 5% spandex. There are also two side angled zippers that provide style and decoration.

The second conference was in Las Vegas, where I did not purchase a single item of clothing over a six day period. Being on my own during the day, I chose not to venture beyond the hotel to the malls. I also quickly determined that if Chanel eye liner cost $32 US, I could not afford much from the Chanel clothing line.

So what you see here, is a low-end, inexpensive, versatile top that was suitable for this week, devoted to “all about the leggings”. It is critical to point out that this top cost $40. After the discount, it was the same price as the Channel eye liner. It’s not half bad! I kind of like it, with or without eye liner.

April 17 flowery top  with cowl neck


It’s Friday! It is my firm belief that a person should be able to pick comfortable, casual clothing to wear on a Friday. My trusted assistant thinks I’m crazy. But after a whole week of wearing leggings to work, I suspect she would consider this choice to be high END.

This top is by Terra Nostra, Femme. I discovered this line of clothing while in Montréal. I feel certain that it is designed for someone my height and frame. This clothing line makes me want to return to Montréal at least twice a year from this point on. As I gaze at this top, it makes me imagine it was designed by an emerging artist. The print may be based on flowers struggling to survive the end of the fall. The song that could play in the background would be MacArthur Park by Richard Harris. Many of the flowers appear to be melting away on the print, perhaps the sweet green icing flowing down. Why I think of that song every time I look at this top is hard to explain. Perhaps it’s due to the choice of smudged dark colors that brings that memory to the forefront.

The formfitting style together with the stripe frills and swooped neck seem to provide a comic energy that balances the sadness of the MacArthur Park. This suggests to me that the selection provides freedom to express any mood while wearing this unique top.

Part of me was saving this top for a special day, I like it that much. I presume that’s why Friday was the best day to wear it.

I regret to inform you, this is yet another garment that I have stripped off the clothing tags. I often get completely frustrated and annoyed by the clothing tags sewn inside garments. I find them noisy, uncomfortable and frustrating. If I was to guess the fabric, it would say rayon and spandex.

Summary of the week:

April 13 Pink dress/ top – Watch List

April 14 black funnel sleeve shirt/ dress- Watch list

April 15 Grey caped dress from Twig with faux fur ribbon – Hang up and wear again

April 16 grey dress-top from New Brunswick with grey sweater – Hang up and wear at home

April 17 flowery top – hang up and wear again

My theme for April 21 to 24th is: “Get rid of the black and grey!”