Collaborating with my friend Bobo

What a great idea, with writing 101.  Cheri coached us to:

Reach out to someone for an interview or collaboration. This person can be someone else whose work you admire.

I selected INTERVIEW MY FRIEND BOBO, a fellow blogger, who I definitely admire.

Then Cheri advised, when you think of someone, reach out via their contact page.

Presto! I also checked that box the Mo way. I visited BoBo at

Cheri’s idea was that I would start right away. I was so excited!

I felt it was pure serendipity. BoBo contacted me before she was aware I was looking for her! She spoke with Hubby and asked him to tell me to call her, she had an idea!

As was sung in Fiddler on the Roof: Wonder of wonder! Miracles of miracles! I called BoBo. She was out! No problem, I resorted to email!


 You have an idea to share that between the whirl wind of my life and your destination changes, I may have missed.

 But, I need to collaborate with a fellow blogger I admire by Day 19, which is next Thursday!!!!  Are you interested still?  I am thinking your idea is a collaboration?  We could start with Day 19.

 Let me know your thoughts.  Can I call you on your cell phone?

 I can do an interview even.”

The next day BoBo and I met at a coffee shop of our choosing.  I will leave out the long string of emails as we batted back and forth different times and different places.  I have at least five favorite coffee shops and BoBo is not without a good few herself, the best being her house. Best yet, they are all South West! (if you don’t get that reference, read my blog Vanessa, I don’t want a map.)

BoBo is nothing if she isn’t fun! She hid in the most obscure part of the café. But having spent much of my life dedicated to dogs, I sniffed her out.

With a latte in hand and a chocolate dipped oatmeal cookie, I began my interview with my collaborator.

Mo: BoBo, what do you think of my work so far?

BoBo:  You have really come around over the past two and a half weeks.  You seemed to struggle a bit at first but you settled in after a while.  My impression is that you come alive when you write about your past.

Mo: I need a lot of help on the technology piece.  I just don’t get it.  It may be I am too old, but I don’t think so.  I accidently click the back arrow in the top left hand screen and I lose my post- I don’t save drafts in time. So, my struggles are most likely caused by little old me.  If you could have watched me the night I tried to place a gravatar on my account, you would have cried, and not because you were laughing. Then there was the night I lost my new post three times while trying to add a theme and widgets. I resorted to buying a theme, but the charge didn’t go through! And it will be no surprise to you that I didn’t get the theme either. By day light I had a mauve background and white page for free, which may be the only theme template I will ever have!  It matched the bags under my eyes, I just had to have it!

BoBo: If you aren’t one in a million Mo! All you needed to do was phone me.  I can teach you all that stuff in half a day.  What I want to know is where you want to take this?

Mo: Ahhh.  My interview was just ripped out from underneath my feet! Sneaky little devil you are BoBo!

I am not really sure what I want to do with this.  I really enjoy writing, rewriting and maybe I even like editing. I love opening the email assignments lately. I just sit in my room and look around it, searching for clues, inspirations.  The night I wrote the open letter to BooBoo, I looked up on Mom’s bookcase and there was the picture of BooBoo my niece Pascal painted for her. It was still wrapped in plastic because Mom didn’t want to take a chance of spoiling it. I also used a picture of the painting for the blog.

When I connect with something, my fingers just dance across the keyboard. I enjoy writing and that must explain why I am so sleep deprived today!

BoBo: I get the impression some days that you are heading toward a book?

Mo:  Once again BoBo, great interview skills!  To answer your open ended question, “maybe.”  Part of me is just content to write each night. I like the prompts and now know if I am stuck I can go to the Daily Prompt. It may take me a while to find it, but trust me, I will eventually.

You are right though.  I have always toyed around with the idea of a book. When I read Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society  I was enticed. I find the early 1900s fascinating and I loved the style of that book.  Letters from friends are so exciting. They relish the topics that inspired the letters and they are often filled with amazing descriptions and tales drizzled with emotion. Of course, Bridget Jones Diary was refreshing. It is more contemporary, but so alive.  I feel like I am reliving the tweets in the second Diary, but I would have to resort to fibs when it comes to numbers of followers or likes. Even so, I could be inspired to be Bridget.

The rest of the chat strayed to other topics and we agreed to get back together soon. We hugged each other and went our separate ways.

The next morning I received this email from my blogger friend:

“Mo,  I’m not sure whether I want to hug you or give you a good swift kick!

My day starts early and usually with 1/2 an hour of catch up on emails and scanning the priorities for the next 24 hours.  The first thing I do is take a quick look at my phone to see if there are any overnight messages to deal with and, of course, your blog pops up right away.  I can’t wait to read what you’ve written so I read directly from my phone with one eye open and one closed. This is while I’m still snuggled under the covers, before my bath or coffee.

So today I started my day in tears. You painted your picture so vividly that I was there with you. I felt your grief and saw you climb in beside your Mom seeking the comfort you needed. I saw your Dad through Heidi’s eyes.

Mo, you are gifted. Do not stop writing. You are growing with every paragraph you put to print.

It was wonderful to sit and chat with you yesterday.

Take care, may God bless and keep smiling.


I can only pray that I don’t disappoint BoBo. BoBo is a story teller and poet.  She also tells spectacular tales. I am blessed to have her as my friend and I feel sure as the wind blows she will always be there! She will inspire me with her stories and motivate me to keep going.

I feel so lucky having taken on a blog.  I have a wonderful niece, Rebecca who dared me to write my experiences in a blog as I wore each and every item in my closet. She was my start, my inspiration. I regularly reblog Rebecca’s fashion posts. They are as beautiful as she is. I don’t want to disappoint her either.  Rebecca is BooBoo’s cat whisperer.

With the connections I have made through blogging 101 and writing 101 I feel supported.  If I do little more than disappear daily into My Reader, I will have gained from this experience enormously.  Once again, tonight I want to thank Cheri and everyone involved in these courses. You have helped me improve beyond my expectations.  Wordpress is now making my world go round!

Daily Prompt: Spending my day with Bridget Jones

I admit it, I love to read for entertainment. It doesn’t bother me one iota to read a light hearted, satirical piece of fiction.  One of my favorite character’s has to be Bridget Jones. She won my heart with the first novel. I even read the sequel and watched both movies based on Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding. The material just resonates with my cohort, it is truly funny.

By now Bridget is firmly in her new relationship and I believe she could use a friend from Canada.  Living on the East Coast, I could take a quick trip to Gatwick and motor to her flat outside London. Our flights always arrive before 7:00 a.m. in Gatwick.  I might then try to pick up something suitable for breakfast for Bridget and her children. They would have just enough time to gulp down the donuts before driving the children (late) to school.  Seeing we know the teacher, I doubt that will be a big problem for us or the children. Alternatively, Bridget’s other BFF across the street can take the children to school again!

No matter what Bridget is up to in her current life, I have the uncanny feeling I will be able to relate. I am thinking we will spend time trying out younger looks with trips to the hairdresser for a new cut, colour and hair extensions. We will need collagen treatments and new super elasticized under garments to bring us closer in appearance to her latest nemesis!  All good strategy to restart our new careers. We can always spy on the She-Devil Nemesis to discover how to better compete.  Who knows what trouble we can get into.  A trip downtown with a Bobby wouldn’t be all that bad!

I may be just what Bridget needs.  I am fairly calm and down to earth.  I have scads of parenting experience, with a specialty on sons though.  I did not have a daughter but contrast is always good. I am a mediocre literary talent, which would place Bridget well above me.  Once again, Bridget would be charmed. Best of all, I can finally find someone who will understand my fascination with writing down everything I wore for four months. She will also understand my struggle with diets, losing weight and staying on course with exercise. We could decide which of my outfits must go, which to keep and I would no longer have to struggle with outfits on the watch list!

Wait a minute! We would not send my clothes to goodwill, we would plant them in the She-Devil Nemesis’ closet and take all her clothes to goodwill. We may want to fight over the She Devil’s shoes.

What I want to know from Bridget is how to break into the movie business.  With Bridget’s television and movie production career, I would concentrate on following in her footsteps. Every step of the day we would tweet messages, monitoring if we picked up any new followers. Every misstep would be rewarded with high carb treats, wine and trip to the scale to determine how much weight we lost. For penance, we will go to the gym and watch, “The Devil Wears Prada” while we tough it out on the elliptical machines.

Luncheons and after work receptions would connect us to Bridget’s crazy, supportive friends. I could listen to their advice and if they didn’t have any, I could listen to the tales they tell.

After supper at home at Bridget’s I would charm Bridget’s second husband to take Bridget out for the night. I would ask if they could call Hugh Grant to come over to help me babysit!

All in all, Bridget would be pleased. She has become so successful, she is mentoring me!

And that’s a wrap.